Associate Appreciation Month

Since 1981, September has been designated as NAHB's Associate Member Appreciation Month — an annual celebration of Associate member contributions to the NAHB Federation and the home building industry. Designating September as Associate Appreciation Month is just one way of providing the much-deserved visibility and recognition to our invaluable Associate members. 

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What are the Goals of Associate Member Appreciation Month?

  • To honor and thank Associate members for their contributions to the association
  • To increase awareness and appreciation among NAHB's general membership and leadership of the unique contributions Associate members have made to the association
  • To encourage programs, services and education for Associate members as tools to increase Associate member retention
  • To increase visibility of successful Associate members, Associate member programs, state and local Associate councils and Builder-Associate partnerships and to share those successes with other associations

How to Participate in Associate Member Appreciation Month

Don't forget to take advantage of My Campaign to show your Associates how much they mean to your HBA. You can easily and professionally recognize your Associates' leadership and dedication by sending a special THANK YOU note through My Campaign. You can send a custom-printed Thank You card for only 49 cents per piece. This special price includes customization, printing, postage and mailing!

Contact Membership today for more information at 800-368-5242 x8286 and learn more about how your HBA can use Touch and My Campaign.

Associate Appreciation Month Resources

Use these tools and ideas to give your Associate Members the special recognition and acclaim they deserve during Associate Members Appreciation Month and all year round.

Associates Honored Through the Years

Each year, associate members who distinguish themselves through outstanding service to NAHB, the industry and their communities are recognized as the NAHB Associate of the Year, a member of the NAHB Society of Honored Associates or as the recipient of the Bill Polley Advocate of Build-Pac Award. Members have been honored for these awards since 1983 during the International Builders' Show. Learn more about Associate member awards programs.

For more information, contact Anne Ladewig at 800-368-5242 x8673 or


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