Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and HCCP Webinars

NAHB's Housing Credit Group (HCG) and Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) designation offer a number of useful Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) webinars throughout the year.


How Do I Maneuver through the Issues that Marijuana May Bring? (March 21)

This webinar replay addresses issues for landlords of rental housing related to the processing of reasonable accommodation requests, duties of affordable housing landlords to provide drug-free housing, and the impacts marijuana has on other residents of the rental community.

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Income Averaging – Part II: Crucial Updates (Dec. 12)

We received many follow-up questions from our July 19 webinar, Avoid Costly Mistakes with the New Average Set-Aside Option. As a result, we thought we would continue our discussion on the new minimum set-aside option, answer the latest questions and discuss some best practices regarding the Income Average Test.

Income Verification Requirements for Affordable Housing Programs (Oct. 29)

This one-hour webinar replay will provide concentrated instruction on the required methodology for verifying income for affordable housing programs. A comprehensive discussion of employment income is a major part of the webinar, along with military pay, pensions/Social Security, self-employment income and child support.

Avoid Costly Mistakes with the New Average Set-Aside Option (July 19)

The Omnibus Tax Act of March 2018 provided a new minimum set-aside option that will change many important approaches we take to maintain compliance at tax credit properties. This webinar will consider what we know, and what we do not yet know, about the new Income Average Test.

Understanding Verification Requirements for the LIHTC Program (March 29)

LIHTC professionals often misunderstand verification requirements: Many believe that third-party verification is a federal requirement or that LIHTC properties must follow HUD’s verification requirements, including HUD’s definition of “third-party” verification. This webinar replay will make clear what eligibility requirements and eligibility recommendations are.


Casualty Losses and Ability to Claim LIHTCs (Dec. 14)

Given the number of natural disasters occurring during the last year, this timely webinar provides the rules governing when LIHTCs are allowed if a project is out of service due to a casualty event.

Don’t Miss Deadlines! Create Your Compliance Calendar (Oct. 19)

LIHTC Housing Programs are very date-sensitive, and each year brings many tax credit deadlines. This webinar replay will leave participants better equipped to understand and meet crucial deadlines and confidently deliver tax credits this year and beyond.

Critical Elements When Managing Layered Projects: LIHTC, Section 8, HOME & Rural Development (June 23)

Determining household income can be particularly challenging when that income fluctuates. This session covers the six major issues confronted in the management of layered projects: income limits, income verification requirements, student eligibility, rents, agency inspections and handling over-income households. Speaker, A. J. Johnson, will review each issue in detail and discuss best practices in dealing with conflicting requirements.

Cents & Sensibility: Income Calculations in the Real World (March 30)

Fluctuating income presents challenges when calculating income. An oversight or mistake can result in noncompliance. This session will offer guidance for analyzing pay stubs, applying pay increases, obtaining thorough 3rd party verification of employment including per diem and seasonal workers.


Don’t be Schooled: Avoid These Costly Mistakes when Renting to Students in LIHTC Properties (Dec. 15)

LIHTC student eligibility rules appear deceptively simple. However, this webinar will discuss areas in which state agencies or owners must make informed interpretations on several important provisions. The webinar will cover student financial assistance as a source of income, as well as a brief review of the student rules for other housing programs commonly combined with tax credits.

Every Penny Counts: Calculating Income for Section 42 Projects (Oct. 6)

If you think one plus one always equals two or there’s only one right way to calculate income, you need this webinar. Long-time consultant Vivian Probst has seen what can happen when property managers think too narrowly.

In 60 minutes, Probst covers all types of income and asset calculations. It’s a fun and engaging way to learn or brush up on calculating income for Section 42 projects, where pennies can make all the difference!

“Can We Talk Here?” - Successful Multifamily Development through Effective Communication between Developer/GP and Management (July 21)

Join Marie Peace, HCCP, C6P, NCP, and Director of Compliance with The Franklin Johnston Group, as she discusses successful communication routines among key stakeholders in new construction using Low Income Housing Tax Credits. The session is moderated by Matt Rayburn, Deputy Executive Director & Chief Real Estate Development Officer for the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.

6 Expenses That Can Crush You (March 17)

Join Hugh A. Cobb, CPM, Chief Operating Officer of Capstone Management, Steve Roach, Vice President of Operations for Capstone Management, and Debbie Wiatrek, also Vice President of Operations for Capstone Management, as they help you understand how payroll, maintenance, administrative, utilities, real estate taxes and insurance make an impact the expense side of your LIHTC asset and how you can better your bottom line. The session is moderated by Matt Rayburn, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Real Estate Development Officer for the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.


Keeping it Green (June 25)

Join moderator Mike Ellis and presenter Michael Ferguson as they take a look at energy consumption in your LIHTC properties and how to save money and resources by benchmarking, using water conservation methods and lighting retrofits.

The IRS Audit Technique Guide (March 12)

Moderator: David Ho, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC; Speakers: Glenn A. Graff, Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen and Dirk Wallace, CPA, Novogradec and Company


Strategies for Serving America's Veteran Population (Dec. 4)

Moderator: Mike Ellis, Bonner Carringrton, LLC
Speakers: David Pressly, Pressly Development Company, LLC and Reggie Johnson, Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority

LIHTC Options at Year 15 (Sept. 25)

Moderator: Mike Ellis, Bonner Carrington, LLC
Speakers: Neil Rosen, NJR Real Estate Consulting, LLC and Terry Kimm, CohnReznick

Managing LIHTC Properties During the Extended Use Period (June 19)

Moderator: Mike Ellis, Bonner Carrington
Speakers: Matt Rayburn, Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority and Wendi LeMense, Royal American Management

New Housing Regulations Affect both Section 42 and the HOME Programs—What You Need to Know (March 20)

Moderator: Mike Ellis, Bonner Carrington
Speakers: Scott Michael Dunn, Zeffert & Associates and Ruth Theobald Probst, The TheoPRO Group


Applying Fair Housing Accessibility Requirements to Your LIHTC Development (Dec. 5)

Moderator: Maura Maloof, SunTrust Community Capital, LLC
Speakers: Nadeen Green, For Rent Media Solutions and Greg Proctor, Windsor Compliance

Hot Topics in LIHTC Allocation and Compliance (June 13)

Moderator: Maura Maloof, SunTrust Community Capital, LLC
Speakers: Laurel Hart, Georgia Department of Community Affairs and Rose Guerrero, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee

Selecting and Correcting the Multiple Building Election (April 25)

Moderator: Maura Maloof, SunTrust Community Capital, LLC
Speakers: Grace Robertson, Internal Revenue Service and Patricia Murphy, Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs


Tackling First-Year LIHTC Issues (June 14)

Moderator: Bill Harris, HCCP, Gateway Management Co.
Speakers: Christine Bennett, HCCP, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, Kristin Han, HCCP, WNC & Associates Inc.

The Manager's Perspective on LIHTC Acquisition Rehab Deals (March 15)

Moderator/Speaker: Bill Harris, HCCP, Gateway Management Company
Speakers: Bonnie Percy-Hill, HCCP, JP Morgan Capital Corporation and Neil Rosen, HCCP, NJR Real Estate Consulting Services, LLC


Combining LIHTCs with Other Programs (Dec. 14)

Moderator: Brian Carnahan, HCCP, Ohio Housing Finance Agency
Speakers: Beth Mullen, Reznick Group and Scott Michael Dunn, Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Correcting Non-Compliance and Responding to an Audit (Sept. 21)

Moderator: Brian Carnahan, HCCP, Ohio Housing Finance Agency
Speakers: Wendi Le Mense, HCCP, Royal American Management, Matt Rayburn, Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority and Amanda Talbot, HCCP, Novogradac & Company LLP