Todd Gamboa

Photo Of Todd Gamboa

Todd Gamboa, radio show host, public speaker, and President of Building Trust LLC, has been in the building industry for more than 30 years, managing private and public homebuilding companies. As a building science expert, sales trainer and public speaker, he has educated thousands of builders, architects, contractors, code officials, appraisers, and REALTORS® across the country. His “High Performance Homes” trainings are offered by state and federal energy programs, large utility providers, product manufacturers, and Realtor and homebuilder associations. He has worked with organizations such as EPA- ENERGY STAR, DOE, International Code Council, CAHB, National Assoc of Realtors, Colorado Assoc of Realtors, RESNET, EEBA, US Green Building Council, US Dept of Defense, and Colorado Energy Office. He is an inductee to the BuiltGreen Hall of Fame, recipient of several U.S. Government sustainability awards, and Grand Juror for the 2017 national “Race To Zero” collegiate competition sponsored by National Renewable Energy Laboratories and DOE.