Scott Sanders

Photo Of Scott Sanders

Scott is the President and CEO of BrightLeaf, a Chicago based new construction developer and builder of homes and multifamily buildings. Scott started building high performance, energy efficient infill homes under the BrightLeaf Homes brand in 2012 hoping to find the balance between his experience with large production homebuilders and small non-profit organizations. Scott studied Construction Management at Illinois State University and interned for Pulte before moving to Washington DC and working as a Project Manager for NVR. After spending a number of years there, he moved back to the Chicago area and worked for CEDA Weatherization, a nonprofit organization responsible for assessing and implementing energy efficiency improvements to low income housing. This opportunity gave him a unique insight into how homes have been built over the past 100 years and how energy efficiency and varying building methods can affect the long term ownership cost and durability of a structure. Scott left that organization in 2012 and began laying the groundwork to grow BrightLeaf Homes into the the top high performance home builder in the Midwest. Under the current BrightLeaf brand with partners Alex Thompson and Rick Thompson and a remarkable supporting team of 7 co workers, Scott is responsible for the over-arching business strategy for the company, developing and maintaining relationships with all of the company’s investors, suppliers, and Trade Partners, and overseeing financial reporting and analysis. Scott’s passion for high performance building is manifested in the company through its high performance homes but rooted in a personal interest in sustainability in his day to day living and local community involvement.