Rob Krohn

Photo Of Rob Krohn

Rob Krohn is a brand and marketing strategist who partners with high growth organizations to successfully meet and exceed business goals. After more than two decades as a professional marketer and graphic designer, Rob is proficient in developing strategy that drives both online and offline conversions. At its core, it is about making complex information simple to understand and meaningful to the intended audience. Rob Krohn joined Epcon as digital marketing manager in 2013. Rob currently serves as vice president of marketing and oversees marketing guidance, program implementation and analytic evaluation for the company’s overall marketing strategy. Rob has led Epcon’s efforts to integrate the most recent technology into marketing for homebuilders. He oversaw the company’s recent implementation of new computer-generated 3D virtual tours for its floorplans. The tours, which are led by the user, can be customized by each franchise builder to adjust decorating choices like flooring and wall color to match the preferences of home buyers in their geographic area. Rob has been a frequent speaker at various industry events, including two panels at previous International Builders’ Shows.