Mollie Elkman

Photo Of Mollie Elkman

Mollie Elkman is a thought leader on marketing for the home building industry. She specializes in understanding the consumer experience and creating successful, traffic-driving advertising programs for builders from coast to coast. Mollie is an international speaker on all subjects relating to marketing for the building industry, with audiences ranging from small team training sessions to large conferences, including National Association of Home Builders, the International Builders Show, regional Home Builder Association conferences, the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, and NAHB 20 Clubs. Mollie’s commitment to understanding the consumer experience and what motivates home buyers to action is widely known in the industry. She has an infectious passion for marketing new homes and is driven by the opportunity to help builders succeed. Prior to joining Group Two, Mollie learned the ins and outs of the advertising world at two leading creative agencies located in Florida and Southern California. She has worked on large and successful campaigns for companies within a variety of industries.