Geoff Ferrell

Photo Of Geoff Ferrell

Geoff is Chief Technology Officer for Mandalay Homes, the nation’s highest volume builder of the DOE’s program for Zero Energy Ready Homes. Geoff oversees Mandalay’s home innovation, implementation, and strategies to improve efficiency, durability, health, and comfort, while maintaining market competitiveness. Geoff studied Aeronautical Science at Riddle Aeronautical University, in disciplines including engineering and aerodynamic performance. In 2003 Geoff shifted careers, and entered the home building arena working for Suncor as a construction manager in Prescott, Arizona. In 2013, Geoff began his career with Mandalay Homes. Geoff’s speaking engagements include RESNET Conferences, Tech Home Builder Summit, EEBA, and Arizona Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) Workshops. In his free time, he pilots the company airplane and spends time with his wife and three children.