Fred Reikowsky

Photo Of Fred Reikowsky

Fred Reikowsky is a Professional Business Coach, Leadership Trainer and speaker, licensed with the Professional Business Coaches Alliance of North America. He founded Legacy Business Leaders LLC, a business coaching and leadership training firm, in January 2012 after a 33 year career as a building contractor and 5 years of non-profit leadership in the Middle East. His work overseas focused on developing a micro-business initiative in the Nile River Valley region of Egypt. Legacy Business Leaders now works nationwide to help business owners in the construction industry re-chart their goals, learn key business disciplines and capitalize on the Legacy Process for success and long-term profitability. Fred’s vision is to see builders flourish on the bottom line, excel in the quality of their lives, and become agents of positive influence in their communities. He is one of the only full-service business coaches in the United States who understands the construction process and effectively addresses the full spectrum of unique challenges faced by business owners in the construction industry. Fred presents regularly at leadership and business development conferences and speaking events throughout the year. He and his wife Barbara live in Northeast Ohio and are the proud parents of 5 grown children and 9 grandchildren.