Erik Cofield

Photo Of Erik Cofield

Erik is a Certified Graduate Associate with the NAHB and is a senior level business strategist, manager and revenue generator. He has extensive public speaking experience including multiple times at the International Builders Show. He is a Vice President with Hyphen Solutions and the Owner and Managing Member of BuilderTech Consulting. He has provided Management Consulting services for many types and sizes of companies in the construction vertical (builders of all sizes and types, real estate developers, remodelers, software companies, builders, commercial construction, more). Erik has worked with many software companies and many hundreds of builders in his over two decades in this industry. He is available as an Educator and Consultant, specializing in Sales and Marketing Strategy, Business Management Strategy, Leveraging Technology in the Sales Process, Online Sales Counselor Workflow, customized follow up plans, and Supply Chain Management best practices. His book, “Turn-101 Ways to Improve Your Business-NOW” was carried by BuilderBooks at IBS 3 years in a row. Erik has written a monthly column for Home Builder Associations called “Ask the Techspert”. He was an NAHB Approved Instructor for: Customer Service; Sales and Marketing; Introduction to Business Management; and The CSP Course-Certified New Home Sales Professionals. He can be reached at, or 832-277-4805.