Dustin Kaehr

Photo Of Dustin Kaehr

Dustin Kaehr (Bachelor of Science in Psychology; M.B.A.) serves at the Director of the Lippert Academy for Leadership. He has over 20 years of experience working with large and small organizations, helping them with leadership challenges, operational management, and employee/customer engagement. Prior to leading the Academy, Dustin was the Director of Leadership Develop within Lippert’s RV Products division. A division of over 1,100 team members, two facilities, and 200 leaders. He worked with leaders and teams, providing leadership training, 1-on-1 coaching, personal and professional development. He was part of both facilities’ core leadership teams, providing strategic operational inputs and helping ensure that business and cultural strategies aligned. Dustin has led breakout sessions and keynotes across the U.S. and Canada, covering topics including the customer experience, leadership, team development, and personal development. He also serves on the teaching team at River Oaks Community Church in Goshen, IN. He is the author of two books. A business book entitled, “Retail is…50 Thoughts, Ideas, and Conversations to Make Your Business Better.” His latest book, released in October 2018 is entitled, “Dear Boys…The Letter Every Son Needs From His Father”. He lives in Northern Indiana with his wife Amber and their four boys.