Dustin Kaehr

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As a leadership and business coach, Dustin Kaehr (Bachelor of Science in Psychology; M.B.A.) has over 20 years of experience working with large and small organizations, helping them with leadership challenges, operational management, and employee/customer engagement. He is a speaker and author covering topics including the customer experience, leadership, team development, and personal development. He works with companies and individuals helping them grow as leaders and understand themselves better. His life’s work is to help people think differently, lead courageously, and live passionately. Along with running his own leadership coaching business, he currently serves as the Director of the LCI Academy For Leadership. In his current role, he has the opportunity to work with leaders at every level of the 12,000-team member organization, providing leadership training and 1-on-1 coaching, counseling, personal, and professional development. He also works with other companies in various industries helping them with strategic planning, leadership training, and executive coaching. He is also the creator of Your Leadership Experience, a 2-day personal leadership experience designed to help leaders understand Inside/Out Leadership.