Burk Moreland

Photo Of Burk Moreland

After nearly two decades of experience and success in the homebuilding industry as an executive and entrepreneur, Burk discovered that his true passion lies in identifying and cultivating talent in those around him. Building on what he’s learned over the years, Burk works with and coaches motivated business owners, sales managers, teams, professionals, and entrepreneurs, who want to take their business to the next level. With expert knowledge of homebuilding markets and a demonstrated track record of success, he is highly skilled in identifying business needs, creating and leading customized training programs that fuel bottom line growth and support the long-term strategic goals of his clients. A champion for his client’s unique strengths and talents, he ensures that they are experiencing power in their professional lives, and ultimately greater happiness and joy in their personal lives as well. Burk accomplishes this through interactive trainings, speaking, facilitated meetings, consulting/coaching, blogs and his newly released book, Stop Churning and Start Burning...18 Battle Tested Secrets to Take You From Stagnant to Successful.