L & I Safety Day

Job-related injuries are avoided when companies allocate the necessary time and resources to ensure that people who come to work or visit their offices, warehouse facilities, and construction job sites are safe. When workplace safety is a high company priority, and when your employees are properly trained, they feel more comfortable and confident on the job. There are fewer accidents. Productivity is increased, costs are diminished, and profit margins follow suit. This class meets written plans and training requirements for contractors in Washington State. Includes: Construction Accident Prevention and Safety; PPE; Fall Protection; Ladders, Scaffolds and Stairways; Heat Related Rules; Respiratory Protection/Hazard; Communication and Excavation/Trenching. Smart employers make certain safety procedures are included among company policies. You will also receive a written safety plan and customized training for your company.

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Course Information

When: December 04, 2019
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT

Where: Tacoma, Washington

Contact: Hillary Vanatta

Phone: 3603527800
E-Mail: hillaryv@biaw.com

NAHB Member Fee: $200.00
Non-member Fee: $275.00
Sponsoring HBA: MBA of Pierce County
Sponsoring HBA Website: https://www.mbapierce.com/