Competent Person: Trenching/Excavation

Do your employees play in the dirt? Have you ever been concerned about what lies below? Does your company have a designated Competent Person to evaluate soil types, make decisions on protective systems and will know when to call before you dig? Are excavation terms like benching, sloping, shoring and shielding part of your everyday vocabulary. Then this class if for you we will go through the WAC relating to trenching and excavation operations and give employees the knowledge they need to be considered a Competent Person by L&I definition. Note: If your business does any type of digging operations then a Competent Person in Trenching Operations is required on site.

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Course Information

When: November 05, 2019
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PT

Where: Bellevue, Washington

Contact: Hillary Vanatta

Phone: 3603527800

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Non-member Fee: $210.00
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