Member Spotlight: 2015 HCCP of the Year, Stacy Day

Stacy Day was named 2015 HCCP of the Year at NAHB’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas this past January. Learn a little about her, and how earning the designation has had an impact on her work.

How has the HCCP designation affected your career?

The HCCP designation has been an asset in many ways. Receiving the designation has allowed me to get a full understanding of the tax credit program and the importance of maintaining compliance to protect the owner’s investment. The designation has also been instrumental to me when I take on fee clients. It allows them to have a comfort level concerning the quality of services I’ll provide for them.

How did you get into the LIHTC industry?

A friend reached out to me during the lease-up of a new LIHTC community and let me know there was an open position. I quickly realized that the qualification process and paperwork offered an exciting challenge – one that I truly enjoyed.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

I am responsible for all aspects of compliance, such as file approvals, determining rents and incomes, responding to state audits, as well as internal training. I also oversee the management operations of 20 communities.

What helped with your success in the LIHTC industry?

Ensuring compliance can be challenging, due to the nuances of the program. But having interaction and communication with my peers has contributed to my success.

What’s your favorite hobby?

Traveling to new places.