How to Earn Your GMB

The ultimate symbol of the home building professional, the Graduate Master Builder (GMB) designation is for veteran builders. The courses required for the GMB provide advanced knowledge of the building business, covering topics such as risk management, land acquisition and financial management.

GMB Overview

Eligibility Requirements

Curriculum and Other Requirements

  • Be a "builder" according to the following criteria: primary executive/owner of a company, superintendent or lead carpenter, or construction executive personnel/employee* who has built a minimum of one dwelling over the past 24 months.

  • Complete five courses from the list of approved GMB courses.

  • Complete four courses from the list of approved GMB courses and two courses from the CGB- or CGR-approved course list that you did not take to obtain your CGB or CGR designation.

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete and submit the online GMB graduation application or the print version

  • Sign the GMB Code of Ethics pledge.
  • Provide proof of liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance for yourself or be an employee* of a company that holds both (where required by local jurisdiction).

  • Provide proof of your residential builder’s or contractor’s license, certificate or registration for the state in which you do business, or be an employee* of a company that holds a license, certificate or registration (where required by local jurisdiction).

  • Provide a letter of sponsorship from the owner/executive stipulating your position within the company as either superintendent, lead contractor or construction executive, if you are not the owner of the company.

*Employee in an executive or management position with discretionary authority over building and construction matters, excluding office management and administrative personnel such as office manager or accountant.

Course Requirements

Complete five out of the eight courses listed below:

Note: Candidates may substitute two CGB-approved courses for any one GMB-approved course, provided those courses were not used to obtain his or her original CGB or CGR designation.

Course Fees

Local course fees are determined by the HBA or other educational license holder that holds the classes.

National Fees for one-day courses:

  • $279 member
  • $419 non-member

National Fees for two-day courses:

  • $469 member
  • $679 non-member

Graduation and Renewal Fees

  • Premium Option: A mailed graduation kit that includes a customized GMB plaque, lapel pin, ribbon and "Build with Confidence" consumer brochures

    • $145 member

    • $218 non-member

  • Standard Option: Kit available online only (includes downloadable designation certificate)

    • $75 member

    • $110 non-member

  • Renewal Fees

    • $55 member

    • $83 non-member

Continuing Education Requirements

Complete 12 hours of continuing education every three years from building industry-related educational activities. Designees are not required to send in proof of CE earned at time of renewal. If they are chosen for a random audit, NAHB will contact them directly and ask for the proof of CE at that time.