Builder Assessment Review (BAR) Sample Questions

Building Technology

  1. Which of these statements accurately describes laying out a foundation for a rectangular building?

    1. Corner stakes should be driven 8' to 10' behind the building corner stake.
    2. Batter boards usually are set inside building corner stakes.
    3. Equal diagonal measures between corners of building lines indicate that the building is square.
    4. Building lines should be set even with the excavation wall to allow room to construct forms.
  2. Sealing a house against infiltration may result in which of these?
    1. Increased outdoor airflow through a house
    2. Reduced outdoor airflow into a house
    3. Lower humidity levels in a house in the winter
    4. Higher humidity level in a house in the summer
  3. Which statement is correct?
    1. Performance codes describe exactly which methods and materials are to be used in building a house.
    2. Prescriptive codes generally allow engineering professionals to select the best methods and materials to construct a house.
    3. Residential dwellings should never include both engineered and conventional building products.
    4. Stud walls and floor joists are examples of conventional building components.
  4. Window U-values can be improved in which of these ways?
    1. Installing storm windows
    2. Using low-e glass
    3. Increasing the air space between the glass
    4. All of the above
  5. Business Finance

  6. Which statement is correct?
    1. Combining several short-term loans into a single long-term loan would most likely reduce loan fees.
    2. The low fee and high rate loan is preferred over a high fee and low rate loan for short-term residential mortgages.
    3. The longer the term, the less a loan costs.
    4. Loan origination fees are calculated as an annual interest rate that increases with the length of the term.
  7. Which of these is LEAST likely to reduce liability problems for a builder?
    1. Hire an attorney to write a separate contract for each new house.
    2. Respond to all punch lists and callbacks as quickly as possible.
    3. Allow time for interruptions or bad weather in all scheduling.
    4. Review brochures and advertising to eliminate unintended promises.
  8. Which of these is best determined from a cash flow statement?
    1. The net worth of the business
    2. A comparison of sales and revenue to net income
    3. The sources of income during the last accounting period
    4. A picture of what occurred financially over a period of time
  9. Which statement is correct?
    1. Computerized estimating applications require relevant and accurate data.
    2. A computerized estimating application does not require the initial input of historical data in order to generate quantity takeoffs.
    3. Manual estimating never requires as much time as computer-based estimating.
    4. Computerized-based applications have limited reporting capabilities.
  10. Which statement is correct?
    1. Estimating software can be used to interface with accounting.
    2. In a checklist takeoff system items such as joists or other framing lumber are individually selected to be included in an estimate.
    3. Both A and B
    4. Neither A nor B
  11. If a customer and builder cannot agree upon a price for a written change order, which of these is most likely to occur first?
    1. The change order will be completed on a fixed price basis
    2. The agreement between the builder and customer will be terminated
    3. The difference between the price of the change order will be paid by the builder
    4. The difference must be negotiated between the customer and builder before work is continued
  12. Project Management

  13. All of these are safety management issues EXCEPT:
    1. clean work site
    2. liability insurance
    3. control of work area
    4. ceilings and floors
  14. Which of these is most likely to contain a record of an accident at a job site?
    1. Lead sheet
    2. Project log
    3. Communications schedule
    4. Any of the above
  15. Which of these statements accurately describe off-site management?
    1. A pre-construction conference checklist includes job site considerations such as parking, materials storage, temporary utilities and so on.
    2. A pre-estimate checklist includes job site information such as soil conditions, drainage, lot condition and so on.
    3. A scope of work describes in detail all tasks to be completed.
    4. All of the above
  16. Which of these should be considered when developing a production schedule?
    1. “Slack time”
    2. Value engineering
    3. Door and window schedule
    4. Loan approval date
  17. Which of these schedules is LEAST likely to provide information for adjusting tasks to complete a job on time?
    1. A critical path
    2. A Gault chart
    3. A bar chart
    4. A calendar

    Sales and Marketing

  18. Which statement is correct?
    1. Marketing focuses on the needs of the seller.
    2. Marketing focuses on the needs of the buyer.
    3. A market-driven builder focuses on the product.
    4. A market-driven builder focuses on customer-oriented decisions
  19. Which of these control land use?
    1. Land surveys
    2. Zoning ordinances
    3. Performance standards
    4. National building codes
  20. Which of these is an effective strategy for controlling excessive warranty costs?
    1. Carefully defining warranty standards for buyers
    2. Setting a ceiling on warranty costs at settlement
    3. Setting up appointments with suppliers to review warranty standards
    4. Informing the buyer about warranty costs they are responsible for
  21. Which of these is LEAST commonly found in a homeowner’s manual?
    1. Steps in the home-buying process
    2. List of the responsibilities of new homeowners for warranties
    3. Copy of the building permit
    4. List of all suppliers and subcontractors
  22. Who among these is responsible for disclosure of warranties?
    1. Buyer
    2. Seller
    3. Lender
    4. Manufacturer

  23. Safety
  24. Which of these is NOT required in OSHA’s definition of a “competent person”?
    1. The ability to identify predictable hazards and working conditions
    2. The onsite authority to correct any known hazards promptly
    3. Completion of at least two OSHA-approved training courses
    4. Knowledge and experience supporting safe work practices
  25. Which of these is a recommended safe ladder practice?
    1. Job-made ladders must meet OSHA and ANSI standards
    2. Fold ladders when they are used as short extension ladders
    3. Use the cross bracing on the back of stepladders for climbing.
    4. Aluminum ladders should be used when working near energized electrical lines


  1. C                     13.                   D
  2. B                     14.                   A
  3. D                     15.                   B
  4. D                     16.                   D
  5. A                      17.                  B
  6. A                      18.                  A
  7. C                     19.                   A
  8. A                     20.                   B
  9. C                     21.                   C                                
  10. D                     22.                   A
  11. B
  12. B