Housing Credit Certified Professional Exam

The HCCP designation, through the National Association of Home Builders, demonstrates your high level of knowledge, experience and education in the LIHTC industry. By taking and passing the exam, you are eligible to complete the experience profile and application to receive the designation. The HCCP exam is an SAT-style multiple-choice exam with a “best answer” format. It is designed for current LIHTC professionals and you must score at least 65% to pass. The exam covers: Management Development Compliance issues Section 42 policy

Course Information

When: October 17, 2019
10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Where: 1030 East Interstate Avenue
Bismark, ND 58503

Contact: Kim Tribble
PO Box 70550
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405-403

Phone: 205-722-9323
E-Mail: kim@eandateam.com

NAHB Member Fee: $175.00
Non-member Fee: $175.00
Sponsoring HBA Website: http://www.EandATeam.com
Special Instructions: Proctor: Gary Kirkman