Tell Your State Senator to Vote NO on Rent Control

Rent control apartments

The California Senate is considering a rent control bill (AB 1482) that would exacerbate the state’s severe rental housing shortage and ultimately drive up rents. This bill runs directly counter to the will of California voters, who just last year overwhelmingly rejected statewide rent control.

Tell your Senator that you’ve already weighed in on this issue.

The purpose of the bill is noble: To address the disastrous housing affordability crisis in California. Many Californians cannot afford to purchase a home or pay the rent on reasonable housing. Affordability is also a primary focus for NAHB.

But this bill WILL NOT make housing more affordable in the state. All it will do is discourage new apartments from being built and existing apartments from being renovated and maintained.

California needs MORE and BETTER housing to tackle the affordability crisis. The legislature can encourage development by allowing for zoning to include more high-density housing, reducing regulations that stall building projects, encouraging public/private partnerships in development and offering direct help to those that need it. One-size-fits-all solutions are NOT the answer.

Tell your Senator to focus on the real drivers of the housing affordability crisis.

AB 1482 WILL NOT address affordable housing in the state. It is pandering to a base that wants to see politicians “do something” and is a political favor to special interests who were burned by Californians overwhelmingly rejecting rent control when it was on the ballot. Tell your Senator that they should do something, just not this.

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