Careers in Construction Month Toolkit

NAHB is inviting all student members and local associations to join us in celebrating Careers in Construction Month in October. The goal is to get involved in your community to help increase public awareness of the opportunities available in construction trades professions.

Although October is officially Careers in Construction Month, you can choose any month, week, or day that works for you. The most important thing is for local and state associations and members to do something each calendar year. Ongoing efforts are important to achieve your goal of increasing the number of professional construction related employees in your area.

Careers in Construction Day 2019 will be on Oct. 7. Encourage builder and associate members to take photos or brief videos of their daily routine on Oct. 7 and post them to social media using the tag #CICDAY2019.

Use this toolkit to maximize your participation in Careers in Construction Month.

Sample Activities

Marketing and Advertising Materials

Start an NAHB Student Chapter