Young Professionals Recruitment Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the Young Professionals Recruitment Program. This program is an incredible opportunity to recruit and retain Young Professional members at a discounted rate. Please review the full program overview BEFORE submitting your application.

The deadline to apply is August 31, 2023.

If you have any questions about the program or are interested in learning more you can contact Rachel MacKenzie, manager of net member growth, at or 202-266-8639.

Program Qualification Requirements:

  1. Local HBA must be in “good standing.”
  2. Local HBA must have a minimum of 100 Builder and Associate members combined at time of application.
  3. Both local and state HBA boards must agree to the tiered financial discounts during the five-year participation period (outlined in the program overview).
  4. Participation in the program is a two-year solicitation of new members with a five-year total commitment.
  5. The submitting HBA recognizes that acceptance in the program comes with both a time and financial commitment.

Contact Information

Short Answer Questions:

(Maximum of 300 words)

  1. 1. Does your HBA have an Active YP Program? Y/N
    • If Yes - please tell us about your program and how active your members are.
    • If No – how will you use these new YP members to build your community?

2. Tell us in your own words why you believe your market is a good fit for this program.

3. Why do you want to participate in the YP recruitment program?

4. How would you use the recruitment program to grow Young Professional Recruitment?

Please upload your 4-year engagement plan that your local will use to connect and interact with the newly recruited YP Members.

Engagement Plan Guidance

As part of the application process, HBA’s must submit a 4-year engagement plan. As we know, a member is at greatest risk of not renewing during the first year and the best way to keep a member, is to engage them in the work of the Association. This engagement plan should be a comprehensive document that outlines the activities, strategies, resources, and tactics that your local will use to connect and interact with its new YP members. The focus of this plan should be on how you will retain the newly recruited members.

The following are some items that could be included in your engagement plan:

  • An Outline of Key Objectives and Events
  • How you plan to communicate and reinforce value of membership
  • How you will measure progress

If the Submit button is grayed out, please make sure that all required fields are filled in.