NAHB Associate National Area Chair Nomination Form

Contact: Anne Ladewig
(202) 266-8673

Using the form below, please describe in detail how your state nominee for the NAHB National Associate Chair position meets the eligibility criteria. Please include all pertinent information relating to the category where appropriate.

Criteria for National Associate Chairman Eligibility

  1. He or she shall be, and must remain during the term of office an Associate Member in good standing; and
  2. He or she shall have served, prior to election, not less than one (1) full term as a member of the Associate Members Committee or as a trustee of the NAHB Leading Suppliers Council, or for one (1) term as a delegate of the NAHB Leadership Council or, as a Director of the NAHB Board of Directors; and,
  3. He or she shall be found by the Nominations Committee in its opinion to have demonstrated leadership ability in such service.

Applications are due no later than Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Candidate Information

HBA Contact for any questions:

The nominees for the NAHB National Associate Chair position will be evaluated using the criteria below as guidelines.

Please describe in detail below how your state nominee meets the criteria. Include other information relating to the category where appropriate.


I. Leadership Positions

  • Service as NAHB Director/Alternate Director
  • Commit to holding only one position on NAHB Board

II. Time Commitment

  • Able to devote 25%-30% of time to association affairs.
  • Able to attend the required meetings. Other emergency meetings may be required.

III. Background/Skills

  1. Good communication skills (oral, written, electronic)
  2. Able to work with Executive Board
  3. Local, state and national involvement
  4. Dedication and understanding of NAHB and builders
  5. Exceptional diplomacy

IV. Financial Commitment

  1. Able to commit a minimum of $25,000/year for travel expenses.

V. Years of Service

  1. Active NAHB involvement
  2. Associates Committee involvement
  3. NAHB Associate member in good standing (must remain so during their time in office)

VI. Associate of the Year Award Criteria

Winning the Associate of the Year Award is not a requirement for NAC Nominees. However, the requirements for the award will be used as a guideline for all NAC Nominees

  1. NAHB/state/local offices held
  2. Board of Directors involvement
  3. Meeting attendance
  4. Special assignments/accomplishments
  5. Legislative/PAC involvement
  6. Awards recognition
  7. Total number of Spike Credits to date