Innovative Housing Showcase (IHS) Exhibitor Participation Application

The Innovative Housing Showcase is a three-day event featuring new building technologies and housing solutions that are making housing more innovative, resilient and affordable for American families. Learn more about the event here.

Contact Information

Primary Contact

On-site Contact

Nature of Exhibit

Please describe the nature of your proposed exhibit and how it relates to the Showcase and focus on the following key areas:

  • Innovative designs and technologies that have the potential to increase housing supply and lower the cost of construction and ownership for affordable developers and low- and moderate-income homeowners.
  • Solutions that can make more land available for development and reduce permitting costs.

Exhibit Requirements

IHS will provide the following to exhibitors at no cost:

Exhibit Space, Electrical Hook-ups from Generators, Forklifts & Operators, Crane & Operator, Tents, Tables & Chairs for tented Space, Approved Signage, Trash Removal, Site Security.


* If your exhibit is an enterable housing unit, please indicate the following:

  • overall dimensions L x W x H
  • gross weight of your unit

If the Submit button is grayed out, please make sure that all required fields are filled in.