Application Form for Associate Build-PAC Officer


The Associate BUILD-PAC Vice Chair is the lead liaison between BUILD-PAC leadership and Associate members. The person in this position is expected to participate in all meetings and bi-monthly conference calls with the BUILD-PAC officers and staff. This is a two-year commitment to assist the BUILD-PAC officers in making policy and strategic planning decisions for BUILD-PAC during this time period. Like all BUILD-PAC Trustees, the person in this position is required to contribute at the Gold Key level ($1,000/annually) or higher and attend NAHB’s Legislative Conference along with the three annual BUILD-PAC Board of Trustees meetings.

Election Process

The PAC officers will accept one candidate nomination, recommended by the NAHB Associate Committee, to participate as the Associate Vice Chair of the Executive Committee for a two-year term.

The Associate Members Committee will accept applications for the position from NAHB members in good standing by the BUILD-PAC Board of Trustees meeting date during Fall Board. The applications will then be reviewed and voted on by the current Associate leadership: NAC, Associate Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, and BUILD-PAC Associate Officer. If the applicant holds a current Associate leadership role, they will excuse themselves from the review and voting process.


Personal Contribution
Required to make a personal contribution at the Gold Key Level ($1000) or higher annually.

Conference Calls and Meeting Attendance
Required to participate on bi-monthly BUILD-PAC officer conference calls, and attend the three annual BUILD-PAC Board of Trustees meetings as well as NAHB’s Legislative Conference.

Political, Issue and Policy Awareness
Expected to maintain relationships with Members of Congress and their staff (when possible), stay educated on current legislative issues and NAHB policy, and monitor and assess whether their legislator(s) understand and promote the NAHB housing message.

Hold BUILD-PAC Fundraising Event or Campaign
Hold at least one BUILD-PAC fundraising event or challenge annually. A fundraising event is defined as an activity, gathering or happening that is specific to BUILD-PAC and for the purpose of (1) raising hard dollars (individual contributions) for BUILD-PAC, (2) increasing the number of contributors to BUILD-PAC by attracting new and retaining existing contributors to BUILD-PAC, and (3) furthering the outreach and awareness of BUILD-PAC, NAHB, and its housing message.

Recruit & Retain BUILD PAC Contributors
Each Trustee shall work to retain existing contributors. Personal contact is essential. Trustees shall work also to attract new contributors. Quality networking and fundraising events are keys to success.

Financial Commitment

  • Cost to attend the three required annual meetings (estimated $10,000 travel cost)
  • Gold Key $1000 or higher personal contribution
  • Possible upfront costs to hold a fundraiser

Time Commitment

  • Three meetings of travel annually and any call meetings
  • Two-year commitment
  • Fundraising strategy time (with the help of BUILD-PAC staff)
  • Bi-monthly conference calls
  • Member calls to retain or bring in new contributors

Have you served as a BUILD-PAC Trustee (or alternate)? If yes, please answer questions 1- 4.
Have you chaired the Associate Advocacy/BUILD-PAC Subcommittee? If yes, please answer questions 1 - 2
If you did not Chair, do you attend the Advocacy subcommittee meetings?
Select one:

Have you participated in the Associates (or other Council) BUILD-PAC Challenges?
Are you participating in BUILD-PAC’s Stakeholders program?
Have you organized any BUILD-PAC events?
Are you a BuilderLink participant?
Have you attended Legislative Conference?