Building Hope Scholarship Fund

In 1955, the founding year of the NAHB Ladies Auxiliary, now the NAHB Professional Women in Building Council, the auxiliary voted to fund a $1000 scholarship to be awarded to a college designated by the first president of the auxiliary, Hope Bettilyon. This was the birth of the scholarship fund.

As the fund has grown over the years, so has its distribution. Scholarships are no longer designated, they are awarded to state and local NAHB Professional Women in Building Councils that participate in the council’s annual award programs and membership competitions.

Winners of these competitions select local students, schools and training programs as the scholarship recipients. On receiving these scholarships, councils identify eligible students and foundations using local competitions, interviews and student applications.

Councils are awarded for their efforts in the categories of innovative programs, legislative/political advocacy, community outreach, membership recruitment and retention projects. 

The Building Hope Scholarship Fund is supported by contributions from NAHB Professional Women in Building members and corporate sponsors. To contribute to the fund, please complete the Building Hope Scholarship contribution form.

Contributions in honor, recognition, or memory of individuals will be acknowledged to the individual or their family and are recognized in the NAHB Professional Women in Building magazine, Building Women.