Homes for Life

The Homes for Life Awards honor projects that demonstrate excellence in aging-in-place design and/or accessible home modifications in a remodeled home. These award-winning homes offer design or programmatic solutions that help residents continue living in their homes as they grow older and/or face physical challenges.

Submit your aging-in-place remodeling projects in the following categories: Exterior, Kitchen, Bath, Single Space (non-kitchen/non-bath), Whole House/Multi-Room, Two Story, Multi-Generational. The Homes for Life awards are open to non-CAPS designees. CAPS designees will be automatically considered for the Best Overall CAPS Design Project category.

Applications for 2019 will be accepted June 17 - August 19.


Best Overall CAPS Design
Iris Chadhab
Windows to The Walls Interiors, Alexandria, VA

Iris’s client had broken her hip in the spring of 2017. Her physical therapist suggested she contact a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designee to create a bathroom since her master bathroom would be too expensive to adjust.

Iris was hired to create a second master bathroom in an already existing hallway bathroom that needed all the elements of Universal Design and Aging in Place.

The client wanted a contemporary and "Zen-like" bathroom that would accommodate any and all current and future disabilities the client may have as she aged.

Bath Remodel
Bonnie J. Lewis
55+ TLC Interior Design, Scottsdale, AZ

Bonnie’s 65-year-old client didn't like the aesthetic or cramped uncomfortable feeling of her bathroom. She doesn't currently have any mobility problems or disabilities but wanted to be prepared should this change as she wants her house to be her forever home.

A single, shorter vanity was also desired to make daily activities easier and more comfortable as the 42-inch high existing vanities were too tall. Another high priority was for her bathroom to be a pretty with a Victorian-inspired aesthetic.

Kitchen Remodel
Jeni Finnigan, Unbounded Spaces, Centennial, CO
Amie Faust, Half Dozen Designs, Littleton, CO

The clients who are in their 50s, wanted quite a bit out of this kitchen remodel. Their current physical needs were fairly minimal. However, they wanted the greatest flexibility, from their new kitchen, to accommodate any change in ability that may come along. It was a great opportunity to be proactive and create a responsive environment for them. Jeni and Amie helped to make seven major changes to the kitchen, including more space, easy reach, moving the laundry room, open sight lines, aging in place, a coffee/drink bar, and more light

Multi-Generational Remodel
Dave Myllymaki, Renew Creations, Battle Ground, WA

The homeowners desired to create a space for their aging family member that would allow her to have both independence and inclusion in their home. They also wanted the addition to their home to tie in seamlessly and add value for years to come.

The mother wanted a living space with a modified kitchen, large bedroom, and a bathroom that served her current needs, but also was prepared for a future of lessened mobility.

Whole House/Multi-Room Remodel
Bonnie J. Lewis, 55+ TLC Interior Design, Scottsdale, AZ

Bonnie’s client urgently needed a private, wheelchair-accessible suite within the footprint of her new home to accommodate her father, who is obese and uses a wheelchair. He also has mid-stage Alzheimer s disease and incontinence.

The objective was to create a comfortable home environment that would make daily activities as easy as possible and enable him to stay at home with loved ones rather than live in a memory care community. The design also needed to be functional, durable and cleanable. A masculine aesthetic, and mosaic glass tile in the shower design were requested by the client.

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