Global Innovation Award

Enter the 2019 Global Innovation Awards Program

NAHB's Global Innovation Award (GIA) honors the most innovative projects, products and services disrupting the global residential building industry. NAHB GIA winners represent the cutting-edge contributions that continue to push the housing industry to new limits. From new augmented reality technology to ultra-efficient HVAC units and everything in between, there's a place for you.

If you are seeking a platform and a voice to expand your dream into a global reality, now is the opportunity to 'Share Your Dream with the World.' NAHB welcomes you to submit a unique project, product or service that your company has launched within the industry to the GIA program. NAHB will recognize and promote the winning innovations through a variety of channels. 

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2018 Global Innovation Award Winners Announced at 2019 IBS

Global Innovation Awards
2018 Global Innovation Award Winners & Finalists

Read more about the 2018 GIA finalists and winners.

Entry Guidelines & Instructions

The Global Innovation Award annually recognizes the most cutting-edge, advanced and original projects, product offerings and/or marketing strategies submitted by:

  • Global companies (a company outside of the United States) that offer projects, products and/or services from developers, builders, subcontractors, remodelers and lenders to the building industry in the United States
  • Multinational or domestic companies that offer projects, products and/or services from developers, builders, subcontractors, remodelers and lenders to the building industry outside of the United States
The 2019 GIA Program opens Monday, June 3, and is accepting applications until Friday, Oct. 18. 

There is an entry fee for each individual submission. The NAHB member fee is $275; the non-member fee is $375. 

Participants can submit applications for each eligible project, product and/or service that falls under one of the following 3 GIA Categories:

  1. New: Leadership GIA Category 
    Appropriate applications for this newly introduced category include projects that collectively demonstrate a unique approach to solving a local, regional, national or global problem that creates lasting positive results. Examples would include innovative:
    • Land planning, building design, specific manufacturing techniques involved in producing buildings (easy to ship manufactured housing)
    • Restoration of existing housing or a communal building that may have been affected by a natural disaster
    • Holistic approaches to creative building applications that result in better quality of life (accessibility, safety, purified water, air, zero energy, hydro and agricultural, and etc)
  2. Internal/External GIA Category
    Appropriate applications for this category include unique and innovative internal and/or external products that have been introduced to the residential housing industry. 
  3. Education/Technology Service GIA Category
    Appropriate applications for this category include unique and innovative technologically advanced and/or an educational service/product that has been introduced to the residential housing industry. 

When submitting a GIA entry, you must first sign-in with your password (or create one) to complete and submit your application through NAHB's awards management platform. Using this platform will enable an applicant to submit information all at one time and/or in phases, in the case that the necessary information isn’t readily available to share when the application is initially being submitted.

The information submitted for each application will be used by the judges to select a winner and promote the GIA Program. Award recipients will be announced and recognized at the 2020 International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas.


Judging Criteria & Guidelines

Award recipients will be graded based on the following six criteria:

  • Innovation. Product and/or service is new (never been offered) or significantly changed (would be deemed a game-changer in its product class).
  • Functionality. Product and/or service is easy to use, a go-to for builder and/or consumers.
  • Good Design. Product has clean lines and is attractive for its purpose.
  • Builder/Consumer Friendly. Product and/or service will help the builder solve a specific issue, add to their bottom line, and/or solve a specific problem for the consumer.
  • Sustainability. Product and/or service will help consumers achieve sustainability and energy efficiency goals.
  • Unique Marketing Approach. Product and/or service has been successfully marketed in a unique way.

An independent panel of judges will select the winning products or services based on these six criteria from all the entries. Judges will look for the best combination of design, functionality, innovation and usefulness.

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