Tell Congress to Support Housing

As Congress debates tax reform legislation, NAHB continues to fight for the interests of homeowners and small businesses. 

Both the House and Senate plans are an attack on middle-class home owners – and aspiring home owners across the country. To help pay for tax cuts to corporations, the bills gut existing housing tax benefits by drastically reducing the number of home owners who can take advantage of mortgage interest and property tax incentives. 

In addition, the House plan severely lessens the effectiveness of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and places small businesses at a competitive disadvantage to corporations.

To address the lack of a meaningful housing tax incentive in the plans, NAHB is urging Congress to include a homeownership tax credit.

Understanding the Homeownership Tax Credit

Infographic: How the Homeownership Tax Credit Works

Tell Your Lawmakers to:

  • Create a housing incentive that works for the middle class: a homeownership tax credit.
  • Support affordable housing: restore private equity bonds and strengthen the LIHTC.
  • Give small businesses the tax breaks they deserve to create jobs and grow the economy.

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