Senate Tax Reform Bill Must Include Housing Incentives

With the House passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, NAHB is focused on pressing the Senate to include meaningful housing tax incentives for middle class families and critical tax relief for the small business community.

The Senate has an important opportunity to deliver significant tax reform that benefits more than just major corporations. The House bill hurts hard-working families, threatens affordable rental housing and puts small businesses at competitive disadvantage to corporations.

The Senate bill offers positive signs that the needs of all Americans and small businesses will be considered. NAHB will continue to fight for their interests.

NAHB talking points: Senate Tax Reform Bill Is a Good Starting Point.

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Tax Reform Plans Slam Middle-Class Home Owners
The proposed changes would act as a tax increase on tens of millions of home owners.

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Small Businesses Need Meaningful Tax Relief
Huge tax cuts to large corporations put small businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

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Support Affordable Multifamily Housing
Americans need affordable rental housing options.

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Tell Congress to Support Housing
Urge your lawmakers to protect middle-class home owners and small businesses.

NAHB’s Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin explains what NAHB is fighting for in the tax reform debate.