Smarter Growth Publications and Research

There are many external organizations that are producing critical research and publications with findings consistent to the policy goals and objectives of Smarter Growth:

The University of Maryland National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education released a critical analysis of the history of the Smart Growth movement in Maryland, considered the pioneering state on Smart Growth policies, and the tangible results on the state's developed landscape. The University of Maryland Center for Smart Growth also released a study on the Effects of Moratoria on Residential Development.

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and Urban Land Institute have also published documents evaluating the outcomes of early Smart Growth policies and the use of updated Smart Growth policies in new federal and state programs.

Evaluating Smart Growth: State and Local Policy Outcomes - Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Smart Growth Not Enough? - Urban Land Institute

The U.S. Department of Environmental Protection has an Office of Smart Growth that produces a large volume of research on the topic of Smart Growth as well as awards programs for communities that have implemented Smart Growth programs. EPA and NAHB have a working relationship and although NAHB's views on Smart Growth are broader than those of EPA, we often collaborate on ideas, research, publications and award programs.