Staff Liaisons

Have a question about building codes or the code development process? The staff person assigned to your state provides all technical assistance related to your state and local codes and standards development. Your liaison can:

  • Answer technical codes or standards questions
  • Provide codes and standards technical resources
  • Assist with state and local code adoptions and suggested code amendments
  • Provide cost estimates for code changes
  • Assist with Code Action kits
  • Educate members about the new International Code Council online voting (cdpACCESS) process
  • Provide a list of the ICC validated voters for your state
  • Assist with state and local legislation related to codes and standards
  • Distribute codes and standards research materials

Place your cursor over the state you need information for to get the contact information for that state’s staff liaison.

Neil Burning: 202-266-8564

Craig Drumheller: 202-266-8565

Gary Ehrlich: 202-266-8545

Gary Lampella: 202-266-8303

Don Surrena: 202-266-8574

Dan Buuck: 202-266-8366