Construction, Codes and Standards Research

The Construction Technology Research Subcommittee oversees research conducted in support of NAHB policy and positions in the development of industry codes and standards, including those developed by the International Code Council, the National Fire Protection Association and ASHRAE. The Home Innovation Research Labs provides the research on most of these projects.

NAHB often partners with the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory, the Department of Energy's Building America program and other organizations to fund and conduct research. Subcommittee members welcome suggestions for areas of research and potential partnerships.

Final reports from notable projects recently completed under the Subcommittee’s oversight are posted below. For more information on other projects, contact the Construction, Codes and Standards staff liaison for your state.

Recent Projects

Estimated Costs of the 2015 IRC Code Changes. Home Innovation Research Labs estimated the expected cost impact of these International Residential Code changes on construction practices and materials. Home Innovation has done similar studies on the 2012 and 2009 IRC.

Moisture Performance of Walls. Final research report from a study of 22 houses built to the 2012 energy codes or equivalent and equipped with moisture meters in wall sheathing and cavities. The variation in moisture contents and indoor relative humidity across a three-year period is tracked and observations relative to moisture performance of wall assemblies documented.


Gary Ehrlich