State and Local Funding Sources and Strategies for Housing Affordability

Financing workforce and affordable housing can be challenging, but there are many resources available. Options include using government programs or forming a public/private partnership. Builders may also be required to provide workforce or affordable housing through local inclusionary zoning ordinances or may be provided zoning incentives by localities in exchange for providing such housing.

The Abt Research on State and Local Means of Increasing Affordable Housing is NAHB's "go-to" document for the most comprehensive collection of state and local affordable housing programs. In addition, the following programs are valuable resources when considering a housing incentive program.

HOMEConnecticut Statewide Affordable Housing Program

Emeryville, CA Affordable Housing Incentive Zoning program

Housing Charlotte 2007 program, a collaborative effort between the City of Charlotte and the local building and business community.

Housing Trust of Silicon Valley is a unique and highly successful local initiative which relies on private sector contributions from major area corporations to leverage public dollars and create thousands of affordable housing units.

Montgomery County's Housing Initiative Fund in Maryland is funded by local property taxes and has impacted far more affordable housing units than their "much-touted" inclusionary zoning program has been able to.

Minnesota 2012 Affordable Housing Plan provides information in how the state plans to implement the Homeownership Assistance Fund (HAF) and the Minnesota Mortgage Program.