Watch this exclusive presentation of NAHB’s Housing & Economic Forecast. NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz discusses several current economic matters, as well as the state of housing demand and supply-side constraints

Alternatively, you can view specific segments from Dietz’s economic forecast.
Part 1: Macroeconomic Outlook and Rising Risk (16:51)
Part 2: Housing Demand and Construction Outlook (19:38)
Part 3: Supply Side Update Lumber Labor and Other Headwinds (10:06

Additional presentations from NAHB economists are also available:

Lumber and Tariffs (13:53)
Presented by David Logan, director of tax and trade policy analysis

Multifamily Cost of Regulation (7:23)
Presented by Paul Emrath, vice president of surveys and housing policy analysis

Macro and Regional Conditions (19:09)
Presented by Michael Neal, assistant vice president of forecasting and analysis

Living Arrangements of Young Adults (8:09)
Presented by Natalia Siniavskaia, assistant vice president of housing policy research

Housing Trends Report: Q2 2018 (10:25)
Presented by Rose Quint, assistant vice president of survey research

View an Excel document with forecasts of housing activity and interest rates through 2020.