The McGranahan

The 2013 Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Marketing and Home Design, presented by the BSC and Log Homes Council

Project: The McGranahan

Builder: Tony Hirst Builder, LLC with Modular Manufacturer, Handcrafted Homes

Home of Distinction: Modular Homes between 3,001 and 4,000 square feet

Maybe this should've gotten the "Best Sons of the Year" award! This home, built by Tony Hirst with modules manufactured by Handcrafted Homes, was designed by two sons who wanted to give their parents something special. What a gift! The sons were looking for a dream retirement home for their parents that would require minimal maintenance, include an area for their mother to quilt and provide an open space where the family could gather.

The exterior was designed with insulated vinyl siding, which mimics fiber cement while upgrading the energy efficiency of the home. Composite decking and vinyl rails were used on all porches and decks to minimize maintenance. An enclosed crawl space was designed to create a dry, clean environment under the home with little to no need for access. The crawl space also saves on energy costs by creating an envelope of air more closely matching the ground floor. 

The interior of the home was designed as an open floor plan. On the first floor, the kitchen features a custom island, complete with a vegetable sink and stovetop, that faces the living room to allow the cook to work without being isolated in the kitchen away from guests. The integrated appliances give the kitchen a nice, clean look and the laminate countertops simulate the look of granite—a great cost-saving alternative to natural stone.

The second floor features large, open bedrooms that can accommodate family and visitors. The upstairs also features a quilting room for Mom and an adjacent long hall closet for storing or displaying her homemade quilts. Low doors were added to all dormers and available walls allowing extra storage behind the knee walls.

For less than $350,000, Tony Hirst and Handcrafted Homes were able to meet all of the customers' goals. The McGranahans are very happy with the home and look forward to many years of family gatherings. 

About This Floor Plan

Builder: Tony Hirst Builder, LLC