Residence Eight

Green-Built Home, Mountain Region

Building a Certified Passive House* is challenging enough, but to accomplish it within the constraints of production home building using industry standard building techniques, materials and “off the shelf” technologies is a major accomplishment. Working in collaboration with the architect, energy consultants and subcontractors the home builder demonstrated the ability to produce an extremely energy efficient home while maintaining less than a 17% increase over the cost of the standard version of the home. A clearly stated goal and commitment to educate the team paved the way to the project’s success.

The three principles of Passive Home Design are met by:

1. Super Insulation: R-56 basement wall insulation R-66 exterior wall insulation R-84 attic insulation Triple pane windows with an average U-Factor of .15.

2. Minimizing air infiltration and thermal bridging: .60 Air exchanges per hour.

3. Maintaining thermal comfort with downsized mechanical equipment: The home uses less than 4,755 Btu per square foot annually for heating/cooling and less than 11.1 kwh per square foot annually.

Other sustainable features of Residence Eight include:

  • A HERS rating of 29
  • Meets the DOE Challenge Home program High Indoor Air Quality
  • Blue stained pine interior partitions along with advanced framing techniques
  • A projected annual energy bill of $1,000 ($83/month).

There is abundance of natural daylight, flexible spaces and an inside/ outside connection allowing the home to live big despite its 24-foot width. The house is sited on a small infill lot within a brownfield community minutes from downtown Denver. The home certainly doesn’t sacrifice livability in its pursuit of sustainability.

*Note: Residence Eight is the first home built in the U.S. by a production home builder to meet the stringent requirements of the Passive House Institute U.S. Building Standard.

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The Best in American Living Awards will be presented at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas.

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About This Floor Plan

Denver, CO.

Photographer: Ron Ruscio

Architect: KGA Studio Architects

Builder: Brookfield Homes LLC

Interior: Linda Beutner Associates

Land Planner: Norris Design