Opioids in the Home Building Industry: Making it Your Business

Opioid addiction is our nation’s leading public health crisis, and it affects people across all socioeconomic classes, races, genders and jobs. The home building industry is no exception.

  • More than 700,000 people died as a result of a drug overdose between 1999 and 2017.
  • Around 68% of the more than 70,200 drug overdose deaths in 2017 involved an opioid.
  • On average, 130 Americans die every day as a result of an opioid overdose.
  • There are close to 200 fatal and non-fatal opioid overdoses in the U.S. every day. That’s eight overdoses per hour, including at least two from workers in the home building industry.

Opioid graphic.

People who work in construction are significantly more likely to become addicted to opioids, like prescription painkillers, than are workers in the general population and are six times more likely to die as a result of overdose. The impact on a business can be significant and includes loss of productivity, healthcare expenses, absenteeism, turnover and much more.

NAHB is pleased to provide a private sector slate of helpful resources and possible solutions to stem the tide of the opioid epidemic's reach into the home building industry. These tools will complement similar efforts by federal, state and local governments and healthcare organizations.

NAHB and its partners, Job-Site Safety Institute (JSI) and the Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. (AHP), are taking an innovative approach to addressing opioid use and misuse, viewing the problem holistically and creating solutions and educational resources that address intervention points across the spectrum of prevention, treatment, recovery and return-to-work. A proactive approach to this crisis with knowledge and without stigma is critical to the health of the industry and the people who work in it.

Together, we’re Making Opioids our Business.

NAHB Resources

Prescription Opioids
Prescription Opioids

Learn about commonly prescribed opioids and how to reduce the risk of addiction.

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Heroin and Other Nonmedical Opioids
Heroin and Other Nonmedical Opioids

Find out about heroin and other illicit drugs and which treatments work best.

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The Risks of Opioids
The Risks of Opioids

Explore why home builders are vulnerable to addiction and how to prevent it.

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Executive Training: Making it Your Business
Watch a webinar recording and download resources that explain why action is needed in the home building industry.

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More resources will be added by NAHB in March and April 2019, including:

  • How to Recognize Substance Abuse
  • Pain Management Alternatives
  • Supervisor Training: Addressing Opioid Use and Abuse at Work
  • Return-to-Work Practices on Modified Duties, Safety and Support

Additional Resources

The opioid crisis is a top priority for federal policymakers and public health officials. Below are some national resources for employers and workers:

Click on the link for your state below to access resources from local public health officials.

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