NAHB Priorities

As the premier representative of the housing industry, NAHB is a repository of information for everyone from home owners to industry professionals of all types. We make it easy for you to find answers, whether you want to know about green home building, have an interest in building materials, and more.

Waters of the U.S.

Home builders need a clear definition of what constitutes waters of the United States.

Housing Finance Reform

Comprehensive reforms to the housing finance system will ensure that housing credit is available and affordable.

Association Health Plans

The administration is considering these innovative programs to help provide insurance for small businesses.

Opioids in the Home Building Industry: Making it Your Business

Opioid addiction is our nation’s leading public health crisis, and the home building industry is being hit hard.


While building codes protect public health and safety, government agencies often use them to back-door other policies.


Minimizing a home’s impact on the environment conserves natural resources.

Crystalline Silica

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has determined that a rule is needed to substantially redu...

Canadian Softwood Lumber

NAHB is calling on the administration to negotiate now with Canada to create an equitable trade agreement will provide a...

Labor Shortage

A skilled, capable workforce adequate to meet demand is vital to home builders and the families they build for.

Flood Insurance

Long-term congressional funding is critical to solvency for this important program.