NAHB Multifamily Council Priorities

Affordable Housing and the Improvement of the LIHTC

NAHB strongly supports the Senate Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017 (S. 548) and the House companion bill, Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (H.R. 1661). This legislation would promote the construction of sorely needed rental apartments and help alleviate the nation’s affordable housing crisis.

Housing Finance Reform

A healthy housing market is a cornerstone of a strong U.S. economy. But almost 10 years after the Great Recession pushed the economy to the brink of disaster, the nation’s housing market remains far below its potential. The unsettled housing finance system contributes greatly to the problem: It stymies investment, slows the housing market and presents downside risks to the broader economy. As a result, NAHB is encouraging Congress to establish a new secondary market system for conventional mortgages with a limited, well-defined federal government backstop for catastrophic circumstances.

Energy Codes

Building energy codes, which are developed by private organizations with the help of the Department of
Energy (DOE) and then adopted by state and local governments, set out minimum energy efficiency requirements for new construction.  Over time energy codes have become overly expensive, inflexible and exceedingly burdensome.

Workforce and Construction Labor Shortage

Despite competitive pay, the home building industry continues to experience shortages in available domestic labor, with 56% of builders reporting shortages of labor or subcontractors in a 2016 survey of NAHB members. These shortages translate into higher housing costs, increased home prices, difficulty with completing projects on time and lower economic growth. NAHB strongly supports expanding federal and state training and employment opportunities to prepare individuals for careers in residential construction, and urges the enactment of policies that will enhance opportunities for those interested in this career field.


Feb. 1 – SmartMarket Brief: Green Multifamily and Single Family Homes 2017

NAHB and Dodge Data & Analytics have teamed up to survey home builders about the level of their green building activity, the costs and benefits of building green, the drivers and obstacles influencing their decision to build green, and the green practices and features that they most widely use and value.

Read the 2017 report: SmartMarket Brief: Green Multifamily and Single Family Homes 2017


Nov. 2 – Jerry Howard Testifies Before the House Financial Services Committee

Testifying before the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance, NAHB CEO Jerry Howard said that Congress must focus on fixing the structural flaws inherent in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s government charters that led to the breakdown of the housing finance system.

Oct. 19 – Letter to HUD Sec. Carson Regarding Additional Funding for Areas Impacted by the Recent Hurricanes

NAHB urges HUD to request an increase in funding through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit to rebuild lost and damaged affordable rental housing. NAHB also strongly urges HUD to request increased resources under the HOME Investment Partnerships and Community Development Block Grant Programs for Presidentially Declared Disaster Areas affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. These programs will be crucial in rebuilding efforts, and they are often used in concert with LIHTC developments.

Oct. 10 – Webinar Replay: Dealing with Community Opposition and NIMBYism

A prominent barrier to the development of affordable housing is unreasonable community opposition. As a response, some states have enacted unique processes to handle land use denials.  This webinar provides a look into housing appeals statutes in Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as a discussion of NAHB’s new paper on the issue: NAHB’s State Survey of Housing Appeals Statutes.

Sept. 1 – Letter to Secretary Carson Regarding Hurricane Harvey Response

In response to HUD’s announced moratorium on new FHA multifamily mortgage insurance applications in the Texas disaster areas and expected lengthy delays in processing and approving already submitted applications, NAHB sent a letter to HUD Secretary Ben Carson urging the agency to dedicate additional resources to speed the assessment process and to reopen the application window as soon as possible.

Aug. 22 – NAHB Unveils Stormwater Management Toolkit

The online toolkit helps builders and their HBAs make the case for programs that provide a clear path to compliance, reduce redundancy, and help meet water quality goals.

Aug. 1 – Granger MacDonald Testified Before the Senate Finance Committee

Chairman MacDonald told lawmakers that it is essential to increase the resources supporting housing production in order to meet the growing need for affordable rental housing.

June 29 - Free Webinar: Significant 2018 Code Changes for Multifamily

Learn how changes in the 2018 editions of the I-Codes and related standards will affect multifamily construction in the webinar Significant 2018 Code Changes for Multifamily Buildings, led by speakers Gary Ehrlich and Dan Buuck, members of the NAHB Construction, Codes and Standards staff.