Multifamily Council Priorities and Activities

Affordable Housing and the Improvement of the LIHTC
NAHB strongly supports the Senate Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017 (S. 548) and the House companion bill, Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (H.R. 1661). This legislation would promote the construction of sorely needed rental apartments and help alleviate the nation’s affordable housing crisis.

Housing Finance Reform
A healthy housing market is a cornerstone of a strong U.S. economy. Uncertainty in the housing finance system stymies investment, slows the housing market and presents downside risks to the broader economy. As a result, NAHB is encouraging Congress to establish a new secondary market system for conventional mortgages with a limited, well-defined federal government backstop for catastrophic circumstances.

Energy Codes
Building energy codes, which are developed by private organizations with the help of the Department of
Energy (DOE) and then adopted by state and local governments, set out minimum energy efficiency requirements for new construction.  Over time energy codes have become overly expensive, inflexible and exceedingly burdensome.

Effective and Reasonable Building Codes
The Multifamily Council is a strong advocate for effective and reasonable building codes and building safety regulations. The International Code Council model codes are typically updated every three years. When changes are proposed, the NAHB codes team works with the Multifamily Council to review the changes to ensure they are necessary and evaluated objectively. NAHB also reviews and comments on OSHA regulations regarding worker safety.

Workforce and Construction Labor Shortage
Despite competitive pay, the home building industry continues to experience shortages in available domestic labor. Eighty-two percent of builders cited the cost and availability of labor as their top concern in 2017. These shortages translate into higher housing costs, increased home prices, difficulty with completing projects on time and lower economic growth. NAHB strongly supports expanding federal and state training and employment opportunities to prepare individuals for careers in residential construction, and urges the enactment of policies that will enhance opportunities for those interested in this career field.

National Flood Insurance Program
The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) plays a critical role in directing the use and development of flood-prone areas and managing the risk of flooding for residential properties. NFIP reauthorizations in the past have been heavily focused on single family residential and have lacked consideration for multifamily and commercial. NAHB wants to take this opportunity to ensure multifamily is a priority.


2018 Multifamily Council Activities

July 19 – Avoid Costly Mistakes with the New Average Set-Aside Option            
The Omnibus Tax Act of March 2018 provided a new minimum set-aside option that will change many important approaches we take to maintain compliance at tax credit properties. This webinar will consider what we know, and what we do not yet know, about the new Income Average Test. Discounted registration for Multifamily Council Members.

Registration link coming soon!

May 16 – Webinar: Improving Communication to Gain Housing Support
It is often difficult to convey the importance of multifamily housing and to build public support. In a time of budget cuts and threats to our resources, it is more important than ever to have a strong and persuasive message to share. This webinar will share how public audiences think about housing as an issue area, and explain how/why some of our messaging is backfiring.

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April 11 – Webinar: Make Those Who Rent Elsewhere GREEN with Envy
Whether you build affordable or market-rate apartments or work for a national or regional developer, green certification is affordable and straightforward with a ROI worth your attention. Multifamily Council members enjoy a free replay by logging into with their correct username and password.
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April 25:  Report: Estimated Costs of the 2018 ICC Code Changes for Multifamily Buildings

NAHB, in conjunction with Home Innovation Research Labs, released the report on the cost changes associated with the 2018 ICC Code changes for multifamily buildings.

Read:2018 ICC Code Changes for Multifamily Buildings

Visit:NAHB Construction, Codes and Standards Portal

March 29 – LIHTC Webinar Understanding LIHTC Verification Requirements
Join Amanda Lee Gross, Director of Compliance Training for E&A Team Inc., as she looks closely into the regulations and uncovers what is truly required when it comes to verifying income and other eligibility requirements for the LIHTC program. Multifamily Council members enjoy a discount on the webinar replay.

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March 26 – NAHB CEO Sends Letter to Dept. of Labor Secretary Regarding Davis-Bacon
Jerry Howard requested Secretary Acosta’s leadership in clarifying the Department of Labor’s Davis-Bacon wage determination policies for multifamily and healthcare facilities insured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Federal Housing Administration.
Read:  Request for Secretary Acosta's Assistance on Davis-Bacon Guidance

Feb. 20 – NAHB Housing Portal
See how your market compares on home production, housing affordability, remodeling and other benchmarks and communicate your results.
Access: NAHB Housing Portal

Feb. 1 – SmartMarket Brief: Green Multifamily and Single Family Homes 2017
NAHB and Dodge Data & Analytics have teamed up to survey home builders about the level of their green building activity, the costs and benefits of building green, the drivers and obstacles influencing their decision to build green, and the green practices and features that they most widely use and value.
Read the 2017 report: SmartMarket Brief: Green Multifamily and Single Family Homes 2017