About the Housing Credit Group

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) addresses group members during the Midyear 2017 HCG Steering Committee Dinner
Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) addresses group members during the Midyear 2017 HCG Steering Committee Dinner

The Housing Credit Group is an organization of professionals engaged in the development of affordable rental housing using the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC). We are developers, owners, investors, syndicators and lenders involved in LIHTC deals.

The Housing Credit Group analyzes national issues and leverages the political power NAHB to support its members. Our continuous lobbying efforts have paved the way for program changes that benefit developers who use the LIHTC as a financing resource for affordable rental housing. Download this brochure to read more.

NAHB Membership

  • NAHB has about 700 local home builder associations across the country. Join NAHB to access member benefits, networking and education opportunities at the local, state and national level – it’s a 3-for-1 deal. Contact a local HBA in your area to join today.
  • Already an NAHB member? Read on to find out how to access benefits exclusive to Housing Credit Group members.
  • Already a Housing Credit Group member? Click here to access members-only information and resources.

Benefits of Membership

Advocacy:  NAHB is the voice for LIHTC developers on the Hill. NAHB lobbyists and economists are well-versed in the LIHTC program and tax law and are the voice for those involved with low-income deals on the Hill. NAHB economists research and provide data to back up the needs of our members and use their political clout to push for legislation to help our members.

Information Sharing: The Housing Credit Group is one of the smartest voices in the LIHTC industry. It engages members in informative discussions at a very high level with some of the savviest practitioners in the industry. The Housing Credit Group keeps our members aware of what is going on in Washington before the rest of the industry.

Communication: Members of the Housing Credit Group receive the bi-monthly Affordable Housing Monitor newsletter along with breaking news updates. The Monitor keeps members informed on news happening in the affordable housing/multifamily marketplace along with keeping members up-to-date on what is happening with the association.

NAHB Housing Credit Group Membership

You can join the Housing Credit Group at one of three different membership levels:

Steering Committee Member
Joining the Housing Credit Group as a Steering Committee member provides you with all of the membership benefits of Builder and Associate membership plus several other member benefits. As a Steering Committee member, you help to guide the Housing Credit Group at the most senior level and set the agenda for legislative and regulatory action.

Through quarterly calls with NAHB and other Steering Committee members, you are kept abreast of any breaking news or legislation occurring in the multifamily and affordable housing space. You help to create activities, programs, products and services for the Housing Credit Group and may serve as chair of committees, subcommittees and task forces, and participate in special briefings.

Steering Committee members may participate as speaker or advisor at steering committee events and other industry forums and have opportunities to be featured in media events staged by NAHB Multifamily as well as in industry publications.  Additionally, Steering Committee Members represent the Housing Credit Group at congressional hearings or testify at other public forums on behalf of the Housing Credit Group. Lastly, members receive discounted registration on all Housing Credit Group events, forums and selected products. The cost to join as a Steering Committee member is $2,500 annually and is open to builders and non-builder professionals seeking a leadership role.

Associate Member
Joining the Housing Credit Group as an Associate member entitles you to all of the member benefits as a Builder member and also allows you to author articles for publication on the Housing Credit Group web pages and in member periodicals and provides you with the opportunity to make presentations and distribute information at the HCG meetings. The cost to join as an Associate member is $1,250 annually and is open to all non-builder professionals.

Builder Member
Joining the Housing Credit Group as a Builder member entitles you to an invitation to join all events, forums and meetings. As a Builder member you are entitled to a complimentary subscription to Affordable Housing Monitor along with complimentary membership in the NAHB Multifamily Council (a $100 value). Being a Builder member provides you with access to all special reports, primers and research results produced by HCG and access to the members-only section of the website. The cost to join as a Builder member is $295 annually and it is open to builders/developers.