FAQ for Invited Members

How is a 20 Club meeting structured and what is accomplished during these meetings?

Each club meets twice a year; once in the spring (February-May) and once in the fall (September-November). Typically, a 20 Club meeting is a three-day event held in a member’s city of operation.

During the course of a 20 Club meeting, you can expect to tour the host member’s operations to see his or her product and learn from their staff; gain valuable knowledge from your peers during roundtable discussions; learn from industry professionals in a small-group setting; and enjoy presentations on the latest product trends from our exclusive 20 Club sponsors.

The spring meeting is a financials-based meeting. Each club member submits their company financials to NAHB using the same, standard template. NAHB compiles this information into a benchmarking tool so that you can compare yourself to fellow club members and the top 10% of all 20 Club program members to see how you are doing.

Most clubs set time in the agenda to review and discuss member financials and some bring in financial consultants for more in-depth review and analysis of the numbers.

At the conclusion of each meeting, members will work together on the details and the agenda for the future meetings. This segment is what we call “club business” and is extremely important as it begins to lay the foundation for the next meeting and provides the road map for NAHB staff to make the necessary preparations.

Do we always meet at the same location?

No. Typically, meetings are held where members work, but some clubs will meet at a non-member site from time to time. Currently, destination locations are limited to the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Do I need to attend the entire meeting?

Yes, it's extremely important. It is vital to be in the meeting room and engaged for the duration of the scheduled agenda. One of the benefits of joining the 20 Clubs is the expertise you are not only able to gain, but give to your fellow members. Exceptions must be brought to the attention of the club prior to the meeting.

Who books my airfare and hotel?

Each club member is responsible for securing his/her own travel to and from the meeting location and paying his/her own travel expenses, hotel room and incidentals. NAHB does secure specific sleeping rooms at a particular hotel for each meeting for members and any guests that may accompany them on the trip, and then emails members with instructions on how to make hotel reservations to obtain the specific group rate for each meeting.

How do I handle transportation to and from the airport? Is there group transportation?

In most cases, transportation to and from the airport is your responsibility, but sometimes the host hotel provides shuttle service, and if so, NAHB staff provides that information in the email with hotel reservation instructions.

What do I need to bring to my first meeting?

When preparing for your first 20 Club meeting, it is helpful to bring company brochures, magazine articles and floor plans to help members better understand your company. Some clubs complete member update forms in advance to allow members to share ideas, concerns or topics they’d like to cover during their time together. It is important not only to prepare your report in a timely manner but read the other member reports prior to the meeting to be prepared for discussions.

During the spring meetings, members are required to fill out and submit financial forms to NAHB. If your numbers are included in the compiled club report, bringing a copy of your individual report allows you to answer questions. If your numbers were not included in the compiled club report, you must provide copies of your financials for each member for their review.

Is my business partner allowed to attend the meeting with me?

Business partners and principals who have more than 5% ownership of the company are allowed to attend, but the club must grant its approval prior to the meeting.

Can I bring my spouse to the meeting?

Spouses are encouraged to travel with you to meeting locations. Many members bring their significant others to visit the attractions the meeting sites have to offer, attend the club dinners and see the host member’s product during the home tour. If your spouse is a partner or principal who has more than 5% ownership of the company, he or she is allowed to be invited inside the meeting room, but only if approval has been granted by the club.

Will there be activities for my spouse if he or she does not attend the meetings?

They can join the group club dinners, explore the product of the host member on the product tour, and attend any other activities arranged with other member spouses. Typically, members will state prior to the meeting if their spouses are traveling with them and the host’s spouse may organize activities for provide information of things to do and see.

What is the proper dress at the meetings?

Proper dress at 20 Club meetings is business casual. You are here to relax and learn. You’ll find most members in khakis and jeans with a collared shirt. Rarely are jackets required for events but if they are, staff will communicate that requirement in plenty of time before your departure.

Will I have time to make or take calls?

20 Club meetings will have scheduled breaks listed on their agenda every morning, at lunchtime and at midafternoon, and those are a great time to make and receive phone calls. However, there will be times in a meeting when members need to step out of the room for emergencies. These circumstances are understandable and allowed.

How do I register for the meeting?

After receiving your meeting invitation email, NAHB staff will email you a meeting registration form that you complete and fax back to our secure fax machine. You will only register by fax for your first 20 Club meeting. After that time, you will log onto nahb.org and register online.

What does the pre-payment deposit cover?

When accepting an invitation to a 20 Club meeting, you will be required to pay a pre-payment deposit when you register for each meeting. This payment will be deducted from your meeting expense invoice after the meeting and can range from $500 - $2000.

The pre-payment deposit allows us to make deposits to hotel properties, speakers, restaurants, transportation, and other services the club may request for your upcoming meeting. This is not an expense, but a deposit to reserve your space at an upcoming meeting and will be deducted from your final meeting invoice. The pre-payment deposit amount can vary per meeting and is determined based on the anticipated costs of your club meeting.

How do I pay for my portion of the meeting expenses?

Each club member is responsible for paying his/her own travel expenses, hotel room and incidentals. In addition, members pay their portion of meeting expenses that include their pro-rata share of the fixed and variable costs of the meeting, including meeting room rental, any food and beverage during the meeting, speaker expenses (if applicable) and staff expenses.

NAHB staff compiles all expenses at the conclusion of each meeting and provides members with an Excel workbook detailing all costs incurred and each member’s financial responsibility. Invoices are created for each member, reflecting their pre-payment deposit, and mailed with payment due in 30 days. Any credits owed due to overpayment will be credited directly back to the credit card used to make the pre-payment deposit and should be reflected on your next billing statement.

How many transactions will I be responsible for each year?

There are five transactions a year as part of the 20 Club program.

Transaction 1. Each club is assessed $16,000 per year as their 20 club program dues. This amount is broken up by the number of members: If the club has 20 members, each member pays $800. We notify members of the coming year dues invoices in late November or early December. Invoices go out Jan. 1. (The 20 Club Program Dues are different from your state/local/NAHB dues. Your first 20 Club dues invoice will be pro-rated based on the time of year you join a club).

Transaction 2. This is the pre-payment for the spring meeting and is usually 3-9 months before the meeting date. This is an online transaction at the time of registration. (If this is your first meeting, you will register by fax).

Transaction 3. This is the spring meeting invoice with the pre-payment deposit deducted. If there is an overpayment, the money is credited back to the credit card used to make the deposit. If there is money owed, an invoice is mailed within 60 days of the meeting date.

Transaction 4. This is the pre-payment for the fall meeting and is usually 3-9 months before the meeting date. This is an online transaction at the time of registration. (If this is your first meeting, you will register by fax).

Transaction 5. This is the fall meeting invoice with the pre-payment deposit deducted. If there is an overpayment, the money is credited back to the credit card used to make the deposit. If there is money owed, an invoice is mailed within 60 days of the meeting date.

Not mentioned in the transactions above is the New Member Initiation Fee. After your first meeting, you will be assessed a one-time $600 fee that will accompany your first meeting expense invoice and pro-rated program dues invoice.

What can I expect to pay my first year of membership in the 20 Club program?

Example of a First Year Member’s Program Expense (estimated)

One-time Application Fee - $50.00

One-time Initiation Fee - $600.00

Annual Dues (estimate 15 members in club) - $1,066.67

Spring and Fall Meeting Expense - $1,500

Your meeting expenses include staff and speaker travel expenses, meeting room rental, audio visual, bus rental charges (if the club is touring a member location), and breakfast, breaks and lunches that are scheduled during the meeting. This fee can vary depending on location. However, the average expenses = $700.00 meeting expenses x 2 meetings annually = $1500.

Spring and Fall Member Travel Expenses - $2,370.00

Members are responsible for making their own travel arrangements which may include airfare, rental cars, and other travel related expenses. The following is an average estimate of member travel:

Airfare: Average $1,000 Annually

Airfare can vary from $200.00 to $800.00 depending on meeting destination and the location club members are traveling from.

= $500.00 x 2 meetings annually = $1,000.00

Rental Car: Average $320 Annually

Members may elect to reserve a rental car in some locations as opposed to shuttle or taxi transportation. Average rental expense= $40 day X 4 days X 2 meetings = $320

Hotel: Average $1,050.00 Annually

Hotel room rates can vary from $100 to $400 depending on the destination city, hotel selected by club members and time of year the meeting is held.

= $175.00 x 3 nights = $525.00 x 2 meetings annually = $1050.00

Please note that each club selects their meeting location. Some clubs select cities such as Memphis, Missoula, Mont. or Lexington, Ken., where the room rates are typically less than $150 a night. Other clubs select resort locations such as Grand Cayman Islands; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Aruba or Bermuda where room rates are much higher.

Estimated Annual Member Expense – First Year $5,486.67

General questions about completing financial input forms should be addressed to whom?

Questions can first be addressed by the club’s chair. If this individual is unable to answer your questions, contact NAHB’s Direct of Networking Programs Mike Sutton at msutton@nahb.org or 202.266.8241.