NAHB Education - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a class and a course?

A course refers to the type of offering. NAHB Education offers more than 40 courses. The class refers to the instance of its offering.

For example, if you offer Green Building for Building Professionals on June 1, that instance is referred to as a class and the course you are offering is Green Building for Building Professionals.

What is a Scantron registration/answer sheet?

This is the fold-out form (also called the "bubble sheet") included in each student package. Every student must complete it properly and accurately to get credit for NAHB Education courses. Students must fill in their contact information and some relevant class information in addition to answering the test questions (on the back of the second page).

The student package also includes instructions for filling out the form. NAHB holds the Licensee responsible for ensuring that the forms are accurate and complete before returning them to NAHB. Credit will not be given to students whose forms are inaccurate or incomplete and an abundance of errors may result in the forms being returned to the Licensee to correct.

What is the difference between a site and a location?

The site is the address of the Licensee that purchased the annual education license. The location is where the Licensee has decided to hold a class. The Licensee is accountable for delivering education per the license agreement guidelines no matter where the courses are delivered.

What is the difference between a Student PIN and an Education ID?

A PIN is assigned any time a transaction occurs between an individual and NAHB. A PIN may be the same as an Education ID if an individual’s first transaction with NAHB was an NAHB Education class. However, in many instances, these numbers are different. It is important that any student with an Education ID use this number, and not their PIN, when they complete the Scantron registration/answer sheet.

If the student does not know his or her Education ID, the Licensee or the student can contact Michelle Carrington and tell her the student’s first name, last name, city and state. NAHB can also send a list of Education IDs for people in the Licensee's state.

Course Promotion

Does NAHB provide support with course promotional materials?

Yes. Licensees can log in to create customized course flyers and mailers, send emails and order NAHB designation marketing materials using the templates at

Materials Ordering and Shipments

What happens if I do not receive my shipment of student materials that I ordered from NAHB?

It is the Licensee's responsibility to check on and inventory the accuracy of materials received at least four days before the class date, and to notify NAHB immediately if there is a mistake or discrepancy. If the Licensee hasn't received a tracking number for the shipment of their order within four days of the class date, they must contact NAHB immediately to verify that the order was placed. NAHB will bill the Licensee for any rush charges associated with last-minute shipping orders.

What is the cutoff for ordering student materials from NAHB?

Orders must be received by 1:00 p.m. ET to be shipped the same day. Orders received after 1:00 p.m. will ship the next business day. If you have an emergency request after 1:00 p.m., call Michelle Carrington at 202-266-8174. Additional rush shipping charges may apply.

What happens if there is a problem with the shipment of student materials that I ordered from FedEx DocStore?

First, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to the FedEx Office manager and let him/her know you will be ordering materials from them for your classes and to discuss whether they can be produced and delivered within your timeframe. It is important to understand what their local delivery parameters are as they vary from location to location.

It is the Licensee's responsibility to inventory and verify accuracy of materials ordered and received when they are delivered. If a mistake is identified, immediately notify the FedEx office that produced and delivered the materials. In any instance where the store does not produce your order to the set specifications, they should always redo the order correctly at no additional charge.

In some instances, last-minute jobs may require a pick-up if their local couriers cannot deliver them when you need them. Contact Aja Lewis, NAHB’s FedEx Office Corporate Account Executive (410-845-7018) if an issue needs to be escalated.

What do I do if someone shows up for a class onsite and I do not have enough student materials?

We recommend you implement a cut-off date and time for registrations so you can make an accurate prediction of the number of student materials you need to order at one time. However, if you would like to allow a student to attend in the very last minute (same day as the class) and the instructor is amenable, you may allow the student to share a book if it cannot be delivered in time for the start of the class.

Can I place FedEx DocStore orders to be completed over the weekend?

Always check with your preferred local office or the office where the order was placed to confirm business hours. Most locations don’t deliver on weekends but it should be able to produce your order over a weekend if the office is open.

What do I do with extra Student Guides if people don’t show?

You cannot return student guides to FedEx Office, ROI or NAHB for credit, so make sure you have a cancellation policy to cover you for the cost of producing them. You may use them for a future class in that license year or start a library for your members as a resource. However, they should not be removed or taken from your library and student materials cannot be sold or distributed separately. If you choose to use extras for a future class, make sure that a newer version of the student guide has not been published in the meantime. You must always use the most current version of course content available.

Course Administration and Delivery

Are there any courses that have special administration instructions?


  • All green building courses require the additional purchase of the 2012 National Green Building Standard ($15 each) if the student does not already own a copy. Read the additional requirements for the Advanced Green Building: Building Science course.
  • CAPS I students must each receive a package of learning aids ($5 each)

Unlike student guides, these items are returnable to our vendor ROI for credit. See the Unused Materials and Return Checklist for instructions on returns.

What happens if we have staff turnover and our Education contacts change?

Please let us know right away by completing the Licensed Education Contact Information Form.

NAHB Education Designation Information

How do we learn more about designation options for students who have taken courses?

To find out what additional courses and steps they need to take to secure their desired designation, visit Designation Overviews and Resources on the NAHB website:

Where can I get a listing of all the courses and events offered by NAHB?

The student package includes a NAHB Designations Guide and online at Course Overviews.