International Housing Association

Housing Has No Borders

For over 30 years, the International Housing Association (IHA) has provided a unique housing policy and solutions forum, bringing together leaders of the housing sector from countries around the world. IHA’s growing membership spans nations from six continents, including both developed and developing countries.

IHA provides an international forum for the world’s housing industry leaders to explore and addresses common issues related to housing and home building.

IHA frequently publishes statements of intent on globally significant priority areas and related solutions. These priority areas are identified by member countries through the association’s working groups.

Current priority areas include housing affordability, building information technology, energy efficiency, non-conforming and counterfeit products, social housing and housing global economics.

Members can use the insight gained from the information provided by the working groups as a global framework for the housing challenges they face in their own countries. By sharing information and experiences, IHA members are able to put into practice at home various approaches and solutions that have been developed, tested and proven elsewhere.

IHA also provides economic and issue specific information and insight to other global organizations that have an interest in housing, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The partnership gives these organizations a more robust understanding of the many factors that affect the housing around the world, which in turn, may help inform their analyses and assessments.

IHA members benefit from the information and insight provided by these global organizations as well, as it strengthens members’ knowledge of global markets and informs domestic policy recommendations and actions.

The Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) is the current IHA chair. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) serves as the Secretariat of the International Housing Association. Questions and concerns about IHA, global housing issues and/or potential solutions should be directed to the IHA Secretariat.

Member participation in the IHA continues to grow and currently includes representatives from the following countries.