National Housing Hall of Fame

NAHB established the National Housing Hall of Fame in 1976 to recognize those individuals whose spirit, ingenuity and determination have changed the face of housing for the better, making America one of the best-housed nations in the world. Being named to the National Housing Hall of Fame is the highest individual honor bestowed by the housing industry.

The first National Housing Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held in May 1977. Since then, more than 200 individuals have been elected. Here is the list of inductees from 1976-2017.

In 2014, the National Housing Center Board of Governors established the Exemplary Service to Home Building awards to honor individuals for specific industry achievements. Review the criteria for both honors as nominations are now being accepted through Sept. 24, 2019:

National Housing Hall of Fame

This program is designed to recognize and honor individuals whose contributions are of national or global importance and enduring value to the housing industry. These are individuals who have made a lasting impact by providing housing for all Americans or by contributing to sound housing policies.

Honorees will have contributed in one or more of the following ways:

  • Contributions to the housing industry that have enduring value on a national or global scale.
  • Contributions that are unique, original and new, such as an innovative program, product, system or technology developed for the industry; one has influenced other industry professionals; or enhanced housing opportunity for many Americans.
  • Leadership involvement in builder associations and state or local housing-related service only as it relates to having a national or global impact.

Holding national office or serving on committees at the national level is not, in and of itself, sufficient reason to be considered for nomination. Nominees may be living or deceased, but must be citizen of the United States. Significant and enduring contributions may include:

  • Industry technology
  • Product design
  • Industry-related education.
  • Industry-related financing tools
  • The regulatory environment affecting the industry
  • Consumer protection
  • Builder professionalism and the promotion of ethical standard.
  • Participation in state and local industry organizations as it relates to national or global impact

Exemplary Service to Home Building

This award is designed recognize individuals for outstanding and commendable accomplishments in service to the housing industry. Nominees may be living or deceased, but must be citizen of the United States. Honorees will have contributed to housing in a manner such as described below:

  • Enhancing the infrastructure and economic development of a particular community
  • Extensive leadership involvement in builder associations and housing- related service on the state, local and national levels
  • Development of such market enhancements as funding options, consumer protections and financial tools; promotion of a more positive regulatory environment; the promotion of ethical standards
  • Development of strategies and funding sources that address the need for housing affordability or workforce housing so that regulators and other groups can best address the issues of the current economic environment
  • Demonstrating proficiency in evaluating current housing market circumstances and developing appropriate solutions while effectively managing constraints
  • Efforts to promote accuracy and consistency in  the home appraisal system;  to remove financial obstacles to homeownership for creditworthy families;  to restore a normal flow of credit for home buyers and viable projects; to provide a  consistent and affordable supply of mortgage credit for single-family and multifamily housing
  • Contributions that have a broad impact on new construction and home building as well as the many businesses and services that support the housing industry.     

To nominate a housing industry leader for either award, please complete and submit this application form. The next class of National Housing Center Award recipients will be announced at the NAHB Board of Directors meeting during the 2020 International Builders' Show in January and honored at the NAHB Spring Leadership Meeting.