Associates One to Watch Award


The NAHB Young Professionals Committee established a new awards category to recognize members (under 40) for their accomplishments and involvement in the home building industry. This year NAHB will implement a YP horizontal awards category that will recognize emerging young professionals across all sectors of NAHB. The Young Professionals Committee plans to work with other national committees and councils to incorporate the new category into each group’s respective awards program.

Participating Groups

  • Associates
  • Student Chapters
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Remodelers
  • Professional Women in Building
  • Custom Home Builders
  • 55+ Housing
  • Multi-Family
  • Building Systems
  • Sustainability & Green Building

NAHB One to Watch Awards Rules/Criteria

NAHB One to Watch Awards

The NAHB One to Watch Awards recognize young building industry professionals that propel their careers; advance in local, state and national NAHB associations; advocate for the home building industry, engage with peers; and embed themselves as exceptional members of their communities.

The winners of this award are the future of the industry and set new standards for the conservation, support and growth of the home building industry as well as the NAHB brand.  They are positioned as valuable assets in other’s lives both professionally and personally and are here to move the home building industry forward.

By developing future leaders, we can change the course of perception of our industry from outdated, stagnant, non-additive, to new, energetic, tech-savvy, and engaged. Without them we are only participating in an organization that has an expiration date and no trajectory. We need to take the pride of the present and make them the hope of the future!  Show us how you are making strides. 


The Associates One to Watch Award Application must be completed online by October 11, 2017.


NAHB One to Watch Awards
are open to all home building industry-related professionals who are under 40 years of age (born AFTER December 31, 1977). Nominations, and all supporting materials must be received by October 11, 2017.  Questions? Contact Topher McLarty at or (202) 266-8246.

Note: Individuals who were previously nominated for NAHB One to Watch Awards in a single niche area but not selected are eligible to be nominated in that niche area again. Individuals previously nominated and who were selected as one of NAHB’s One to Watch Award winners in a particular program are not eligible in the same program; but are eligible to receiving the One to Watch Award in another NAHB award program.

Personal Submissions

If you’re under 40 (IMPORTANT: Nominees must have been born AFTER December 31, 1977, to be eligible) and believe you are eligible, feel free to nominate yourself.

Nominating More Than One Person

If you feel there are multiple individuals who deserve consideration, please submit a nomination for each of them.  There is no limit to the number of submissions, but please note that you’ll need to send supporting materials for all nominated individuals. 

Fees Associated With This Award

There is no fee associated with the NAHB One to Watch Awards program.

Confirmation of Submissions

After submitting your entry information (via the online entry form), you should see a confirmation page If you have concerns that your nomination did not go through, please email Topher McLarty at

Awards Announcements

Announcement of finalists will be made on and through social media outlets.  Check during the month of November, 2017 for a list of finalists.  The winner will be announced at the Associates of Excellence Awards Lunch.  After the announcement, the 2017 winner will be listed on and through social media outlets.


Nominations will be judged by the individual councils/committees of the Award programs with a One to Watch category.  They will be looking for up and comping well-rounded individuals under the age of 40 that meet the core and any additional committee criteria. (IMPORTANT: Nominees must have been born AFTER December 31, 1977, to be eligible).

Core Criteria include:

  • Leadership development
  • Industry Involvement
  • Career progress
  • Innovation

Additional criteria can include:

  • Community outreach/volunteer work
  • Continuing Education
  • Personal Information

Core Criteria Defined:

  • Career progress - You must show the growth of your (or the nominee's) skills, responsibility, and success in your chosen profession. We're looking for a clear sense of growth and accomplishments in your work. Please be specific about the accomplishments.
  • Industry Involvement - – How have you committed to advancing the home building industry?  Demonstrate your commitment to upholding the ideals of NAHB and the home building industry. How involved are you in your professional organization(s)? Are you more than just a member? Have you chaired a committee? Run an event? Served on the board? Be specific: How did your involvement produce results? For example, how much money you helped raise, how your efforts led to a new program, such as training or outreach for your organization. Wherever possible, supply data to make your case.
  • Leadership development – Leaders are the face of the industry to its members and the public.  The characteristics of a leader come through in our day to day interactions with those around us.  Leaders influence others to promote a positive change by displaying quality characteristics like integrity, competency and intelligence.  They are also forward-looking and inspiring to others.  How have you exhibited these traits?
  • Innovation – How have you demonstrated creativity and innovation by developing new ideas and/or adapting successful solutions to problems and challenges, or optimizing unique opportunities? Ones to Watch will bring forward new and creative ideas that inspire all young professionals to contribute their very best to the home building industry. 

Additional Criteria Defined:

  • Community outreach/volunteer work – Ones to Watch are people of good character who care about their communities and give back to organizations that make our communities whole, and it’s important that people see this. It will help Ones to Watch to show they are the experts in their area. To the “neigh-sayers”, Ones to Watch will prove they’re passionate about their industry, their communities and not just a group of young people getting together to party.  When reporting your activities, be specific. Habitat for Humanity? How many days/year? How many houses did you help build, over what time period? What roles/titles did you assume in your community work? How are you giving back?
  • Continuing Education - Formal education is not necessarily a reliable indicator of career success, but the judges need to know how far you've gone in your education and how it contributed to your overall career development. Did you earn a degree at night while working a full-time job?
  • Personal Information – Ones to Watch are also distinguished by who they are in everyday life. They recognize themselves as people of high principles and character who exemplify this through other interests and activities other than work or community/professional service. Here is where you can tell us about your off-the-clock hobbies and any other interesting information that gives us a picture of who you are as a whole person. For example, are you learning to play the bassoon? Did you have an interesting previous occupation before your current one? This is a chance to tell a little about the inner you.

Additional Materials

A personal statement, a bio or résumé, plus supporting materials (ex. Articles written about the nominee, testimonials from clients, listing/descriptions of awards received, etc.) that make it easy for judges to see why your nominee stands out from the crowd in the home building universe.