Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Yard

The beginning of spring is an ideal time to get a head start on your yardwork. A little work now will spruce up the outside of your home, start your "spring cleaning" routine and make your summer yard chores easier.

Rake, Remove, Repeat

First, rake the entire yard. Remove all sticks, leaves, and dead vegetation. Remove debris from all flower beds, shrubs and trees and loosen the soil around each. Mulches from last fall should be removed or trowled under. Trim dead limbs from trees, shrubs and evergreens.  

Feed with Fertilizer


Once all raking, soil preparation and pruning chores are done, choose a well-balanced fertilizer program for your yard. Your local nursery can identify a good program for your soil type. A 10-10-10 fertilizer, which has nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, is a good all-around mixture for most lawns.  

Apply all fertilizers evenly to avoid striping later. Follow watering directions for the fertilizer carefully, or you may damage your lawn.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

If you plan to add more ornamental borders or shade trees to your yard, now is the best time to plant them. Keep air away from the roots as much as possible. After you've planted the trees or shrubs, water them well to seal them in the ground.

If you have fruit trees, apply the first dormant oil spray before the leaves appear. The application will eradicate insect bores that may have taken up winter residence.

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