Resolutions Process

Board of Directors

The NAHB Board of Directors is responsible for setting the policy of the association. As directed by the NAHB Bylaws, all resolutions and recommendations to be considered at a directors meeting should be submitted for distribution 30 days prior to a board meeting. This provides directors, local HBAs and association leaders with drafts of proposed resolutions before the meeting to ensure the fullest possible discussion of policy proposals at the grassroots level and to encourage greater participation among directors during the policy review process at NAHB board meetings.

If a resolution or policy statement is submitted without the 30 days’ advance notice, then it must pass by a two-thirds vote.

The full resolution should be e-mailed or mailed to Granger MacDonald, Chairman of the Board, through Jessica Lynch at NAHB. Jessica’s email address is Her telephone number is 800-368-5242, x8401.

The due dates for submitting resolutions for consideration by the Board of Directors for this year are:

  • Midyear Meeting – May 4, 2017
  • Annual Meeting (2018 IBS) –  Nov. 28, 2017

Executive Board

The NAHB bylaws allow for the Executive Board to adopt resolutions on issues which are not then addressed by the association policy upon finding a situation requiring immediate action. If approved, the policy would be submitted to the Board of Directors for ratification at the next meeting.

In 2017, if needed, resolutions must be submitted by Feb. 10 for consideration at the virtual Executive Board meeting scheduled for March 29 or by Aug. 18 for the Executive Board meeting scheduled for October 3. 


Jessica Lynch