Bringing Housing Home™

In-District Meetings Set for April 30 – May 5, 2018

NAHB’s Bringing Housing Home™ is an opportunity for members to conduct in-district meetings with their U.S. representatives and senators. These meetings, especially important during each election year, are key to strengthening relationships with lawmakers and to keep housing issues as a priority in Congress.

HBA executive officers are encouraged to begin planning meetings with their representatives now. NAHB will provide meeting materials and talking points, as well as staff experts to help facilitate meetings

For more information, contact Karl Eckhart or Michael Bezruki at 202-266-8542.

Schedule In-District Meetings

You’ll first need to contact your representatives and invite them to meet. To find their district contact information, visit and to search for your elected officials.

Then, you can use this letter template to schedule your meeting. 

Legislative Priorities Brochure

Access the NAHB 2018 Legislative Priorities brochure to learn about the key issues to discuss at your meetings. You can print copies and bring them to your meetings. This is a low-resolution version for printing in your office. Please contact Michael Bezruki if you would like a high-resolution version for professional printing.

Preparing for your Meeting

To begin preparing, review NAHB’s Lobbying Tips and watch our Quick Tips video.

NAHB can provide talking points before your scheduled meetings. You can download this brochure that provides background on the Federation’s positions and can be a “leave-behind” after your visit.

Follow up with NAHB Government Affairs

Let your NAHB Government Affairs contact person know once you have your meetings scheduled. You can also request a member of NAHB’s Government Affairs team to attend your meeting. Please contact Michael Bezruki with any questions. 


Michael Blake Bezruki