NAHB Grassroots in Action

On June 14, NAHB members gathered at the 2017 Legislative Conference and Midyear Board of Directors Meeting to discuss issues vital to the home building industry.

After a morning briefing on legislative issues, nearly 900 members visited Capitol Hill offices to meet with their representatives. NAHB members conducted over 250 meetings, conveying the importance of the issues currently facing the home building industry.

NAHB’s Legislative Conference rotates with Bringing Housing Home™, when our builders, remodelers and trade partners meet with their members of Congress in their home legislative districts. Bringing Housing Home returns in the spring of 2018.

Use these resources to conduct productive meetings with elected officials in your home districts. 

Step One: Schedule Your Meetings

Members of Congress often travel back to their districts during Congressional recesses, which provides a great opportunity for you to meet with them locally throughout the year. To find their district contact information, visit and to search for your local officials. You can use the letter template below to schedule your meeting.

Step Two: Review the Key Legislative Issues

During your meetings, you will be discussing the key issues of importance to the housing industry this year. To help you become familiar with these issues, we’ve created several resources:

  • 2017 Leg Con Brochure: Provides a brief overview of the key issues we are asking federal lawmakers to act on this year.
  • Additional Issue Briefs: Access these briefs for a more in-depth discussion of key issues in the brochure plus additional issues of importance to the industry.
  • Key Issues Videos: Watch these short videos to learn about the issues to discuss during your meetings.

Step Three: Follow the Lobbying Tips

It’s important to follow a few basic guidelines when you meet with your members of Congress. Check out our Lobbying Tips Checklist and our Quick Tips video.

Related Resources

  • Download the NAHB Advocacy App to quickly access talking points on key issues and contact information for your members of Congress.


Michael Blake Bezruki