Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, Contractor Reference (4th Edition)


This revised and updated version should be used for all contracts written after August 16, 2010 as resources for preventing and resolving customer complaints.
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*This newly revised and updated fourth edition of Residential Construction Performance Guidelines should be used for all contracts written after August 16, 2010. Contracts written prior to August 16, 2010, can still reference the third edition.

Residential Construction Performance Guidelines is the home building and remodeling industry's most widely accepted reference for residential construction performance. Created specifically for home builders and remodelers, this valuable warranty tool will help you manage customer expectations, prevent and resolve customer complaints, and explain how the home should perform during the warranty period. The fourth edition includes:

  • Nearly 300 guidelines in 12 major construction categories
  • New guidelines that address efflorescence, deflection, water penetration, and more
  • Sample contract language
  • Remodeling-specific guidelines
  • Tips for taking critical measurements
  • Glossary of common terms

Residential Construction Performance Guidelines - Contractor Reference is a must-have for every builder and remodeler.

A great tool for critical measure guidance when communicating to employees, independent contractors, suppliers, retailers and homeowners. -- Jim Trepinski, Fleetwood Homes, Waco, TX

Codes and standards have no guidance on tolerances, fit and finish, and customer expectations vs. realistic construction results. The Residential Construction Performance Guidelines provides a basis to evaluate construction results and resolve disputes between contractors and owners. -- Charles Coones, Forensic Investigations and Technologies, Knoxville, Tennessee

I give this book to all my home buyers prior to starting construction. This book is very valuable as a reference to proper construction practices for the homeowner and contractor. Without it you will end up doing more extensive repairs than necessary. -- Shane Chapman, Chapman Custom Homes L.C., Wichita, KS


Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, Contractor Reference (4th Edition)

Sub Title
Edition Fourth
Publisher Name BuilderBooks
Author NAHB, Bus Mgmt
Publication Date 2010
ISBN 978-0-86718-670-3
Page Count 140
Format Spiral-bound
Language en
Builder Books # 00281